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Healthy Dogs At Arlington, WA Dog Daycare

One of the first things an Arlington, WA dog daycare will want to know about your pooch is that she is healthy. It’s a safeguard for your fur baby as well as the other canines that come to play. Having seen a certificate of health—or at least vaccination records—assures them and you that all the dogs at the daycare are healthy and disease won’t spread like the common cold through a kindergarten.

Keeping your best friend healthy involves more than annual shots, however. Being a pet parent means being vigilant and taking care of the little things in addition to bigger issues. To offer a little help, we’ve compiled a list of 6 things you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy.

1. Feed her right and keep her hydrated. Feed your pooch a nutritious, balanced diet, preferably with food recommended by your veterinarian. Also, dehydration can cause health issues, so always make sure your dog has access to an ample supply of fresh water at all times. Prevention lists panting, dry mouth, and decreased skin elasticity as signs your dog could be dehydrated, and recommends pouring a bit of Pedialyte into her drinking water to speed up electrolyte replacement

2. Keep an eye on her weight. The American Veterinary Medical Association lists exercise and weight management at the top of their list of ways to keep your dog healthy, and that only makes sense because they go hand-in-hand. The proper food—in proper amounts—can help with your dog’s weight, but sufficient exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy dog with a healthy weight. If your best friend attends an Arlington, WA dog daycare, she’ll get loads of exercise playing with her human and canine friends. It’s always fun to go on walks with your pooch or play fetch, too, though. The time you spend with her provides exercise for both of you as well as a valuable bonding experience.

3. Don’t skip the check-ups. When your dog looks and acts normal, it can be tempting to put off annual wellness exams, but doing so is like gambling with her life. Not only are the annual vet visits when she’ll get her vaccinations, but the doctor will do a thorough physical examination and run blood tests, too. Problems are often revealed in the exam and the tests, and catching an issue early can mean the difference between life and death for your fur baby.

4. Pay attention. Your dog can’t tell you when she’s feeling a little under the weather or not quite herself so, unfortunately, by the time she acts like something is seriously wrong, it could be too late to treat her. Pay attention to subtle changes in mood, eating, or habits, and let the vet know right away. Either the doctor will do an examination and run tests and find out nothing is wrong, or he might catch a critical problem early. Both scenarios are worth reacting to a seemingly small issue.

5. A clean dog is a healthy dog. On top of regular bathing, dogs benefit from additional grooming. A monthly nail trimming will keep her nails short enough so that your dog won’t get them caught in the carpet or on other things. Regular brushing will get burs and mats out of long-haired dogs fur and will help with the pet hair problem around the house no matter how long your best friend’s fur is. Brush and bath time are also opportunities to check for parasites like fleas and ticks so you can eliminate them ASAP.

6. Stimulate her brain. Dogs are intelligent animals, and maintaining their mental health is essential for their physical health. izon points out that the best way to do that can depend on many different factors including the dog’s age and breed. You know your pooch best, though, so you’ll know whether she likes puzzles or playing hide-the-chew-toy, or if she likes learning new tricks. Whatever your dog enjoys, change it up every once in awhile to keep her mentally agile.

Finding a great Arlington, WA dog daycare is another way to keep your pup stimulated. Instead of being left home alone all day, she’ll get to make new friends and play as much as she wants. Doggie daycare gives dogs something to look forward to and provides pet parents with peace of mind knowing that their fur babies are being supervised and cared for in a fun, healthy environment.

Pampered Pets Resort is the Arlington, WA dog daycare canines and humans love. Dogs have indoor and outdoor access all day long, and our experienced, professional staff is always watching to ensure everyone is behaving and that all the canine clients get as many loves and belly rubs as they want. We have an open-door policy, so come visit anytime and see why dogs keep coming back to Pampered Pets Resort.

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