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Arlington, WA Dog Boarding Professionals Discuss Sleep Disorders In Dogs

If you've ever had trouble falling asleep, you know how frustrating insomnia can be. You may have even thought how fortunate your pooch is to be able to sleep on almost any surface in a variety of circumstances, but dogs actually can suffer from sleep disorders. PetCareRX lists some of the most common sleep-related maladies that affect canines. If you suspect Spike is plagued by a sleep disorder, it's best to have him treated ASAP, especially if you have plans for dog boarding in Arlington, WA. It's always best to consult with a veterinarian when you have health concerns about your dog. None of the conditions listed here are life-threatening, but you and Spike will both rest easier knowing the issue is taken care of.

Disrupted Sleep

Insomnia in humans is often caused by stress, and while that can be an issue for dogs, too, if a canine in unable to fall asleep or stay asleep, it's likely caused by another health problem. For example, illness or an injury might be keeping Spike from getting comfortable, so he won't be able to fall into a deep, restful sleep. That can be the case for older dogs who might have arthritis or other types of age-related pains. Additionally, senior dogs can experience trouble with their bladders, so even dogs who previously could sleep through the night might have to get up to relieve themselves.

Cataplexy Disorder

Yes, even dogs can experience cataplexy. It's a condition in which Spike might appear awake but paralyzed. He'll still be able to breathe, but the only muscles not affected during the episode are typically the eyes, so they usually remain open, and the dog should be conscious of what is happening around him. Bouts of cataplexy can strike suddenly and without warning. One minute, Spike could be playing with his buddies at dog boarding in Arlington, WA and the next, his muscles may become so weak he can't stand up. According to Texas A & M Veterinary Medicine, the event might last a few seconds or a few minutes, but he'll come out of it eventually, a little stunned and subdued.


Narcolepsy is another serious sleeping disorder for dogs. If you've heard of the condition in humans, you probably associate it with abruptly falling asleep during the day and at inappropriate, unexpected times. That is actually only a symptom of narcolepsy, caused by the actual condition which is a disruption in the REM and sleep cycle. The sleep interference will cause Spike to be tired, even fatigued, during the day, and he may find it hard or impossible to stay awake.

Moving During Sleep

Dogs go through sleep stages similar to what humans experience and their brain activity during those stages is similar, too. If Spike has ever barked softly, whimpered, or his legs have twitched while he's sleeping, you've probably assumed he was dreaming. Veterinary Calendar says that, in some cases, movements during sleep can be caused by what's known in humans as REM behavior disorder, a condition in which dreams are experienced so vividly that the dreamer physically acts them out. If your dog displays excessive movement during sleep and appears confused and disoriented upon waking, this disorder is the likely culprit.

At Pampered Pets Resort, we go overboard to make our Arlington, WA dog boarding clients as comfortable as possible so they can sleep easy. Every dog gets their own private suite for eating and sleeping, and they're furnished with cozy accouterments to make them feel at home. Plus, we know that even the healthiest of dogs enjoys a snooze at various times throughout the day, so our facility is equipped with comfy chairs and couches and plenty of shady trees to lie under. Pampered Pets Resort takes Arlington, WA dog boarding up a notch to ensure your best friend has the time of his life and goes home happy and well-rested. Drop in anytime for a tour or call 360-653-6145 to book a stay for your dog.

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