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Advice From Dog Day Cares in Arlington, WA On Keeping Canines Cool

When summertime temperatures rise enough to make you uncomfortable, imagine how miserable your furry friend is. PetMD says that you can tell if your pooch is overheated to the point of heat exhaustion if he’s panting excessively or having trouble breathing, is drooling, and weak or lethargic. More severe signs such as vomiting or seizures require immediate veterinary care, but cooling your dog down if he’s showing milder signs can help avert an emergency. Take some tips from dog day cares in Arlington, WA--they're experts at helping canines chill out when temperatures soar.

Know Who's At Risk

All dogs are susceptible to overheating during hot summer months, but some run a higher risk. Dogs with darker coats, for example, will heat up faster than ones with lighter-colored fur. Breeds with shorter noses, such as bulldogs or pugs, have shorter airways and can't release heat as efficiently as other breeds. Older canines and overweight dogs as well as ones with breathing issues and heart conditions are all considered at-risk and should be watched extra-carefully in the summer.

Quality H2O

Keeping your best friend hydrated will help keep him cool. At home, give him fresh water every day and make sure his water dish never runs dry. Always take a bottle of water for your fur baby when you take him on a walk. Cesar Millan recommends letting dogs carry the water themselves in a doggy vest or backpack, as the cool bottles will help keep them cool, too.

Strategically Schedule Exercise

And speaking of walkies, your dog's exercise should be timed so that it takes place during the coolest parts of the day. Take Max out in the early morning and in the evening, after the sun starts setting. Dogs who attend dog day cares in Arlington, WA should already be used to a schedule like that, going in the morning before they leave, and taking a short constitutional in the evening after they come home. It's not just the air temperature that is a concern; dogs' sweat glands are in their paw pads so walking on hot surfaces in the heat of the day will make Max even more miserable. Even during cooler times of the day, he may be more comfortable walking on the grass.

Keep Your Guy (or Girl!) Groomed

Grooming your dog is another way to help him (or her) stay cool. Matted hair will work against a dog's body's natural cooling system, so keep your canine brushed and clean. Some people mistakenly think shaving a long-haired dog's coat down to the skin will be more comfortable for him, but Web MD says that isn't the case. Like the insulation in a house, the insulating action of long hair on a dog that keeps him warm in the winter can also help protect him from the heat in the summer.

Offer Multiple Ways to Keep Cool

Load up Max's water bowl with ice cubes. They'll keep him and the water cool. In fact, make a batch of special ice cubes for him by freezing treats inside of them. You won't put those ones in his water, but he'll love chilling out and licking or crunching through the ice to get to the snack inside. Lay out a wet towel for your dog to lie on, or spray him with cool water. Don't turn the hose on him, though, unless he likes it; a sudden chilling blast could traumatize him, so a gentle mist from a spray bottle is preferable. Alternatively, get your best friend his own kiddie pool and fill it up so he can get in and cool off as needed.

If your dog has to be outdoors during the day, in addition to plenty of water make sure he has access to shade at all times throughout the day. Better yet, if your home has air conditioning, letting your dog stay indoors will ensure his comfort and health. If you can't drop by during the day to let him out for a potty break, then consider looking into dog day cares in Arlington, WA where he'll have access to a climate-controlled environment as well as other cooling solutions.

If you're looking for dog day cares in Arlington, WA as a warm-weather solution to keeping your canine comfortable, we'd love to have him come to Pampered Pets Resort. At our doggie day care, dogs have access to indoor and outdoor play areas all day long. Naturally, there's air conditioning inside, and the yard outside not only has loads of shady spots for lounging, but we fill up the wading pool for some cool summertime fun. Drop in for a tour any time or give us a call to book a play date. 360-653-6145

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