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Away For the Holidays and Beyond: Dog Boarding In Arlington, WA Is the Solution

The holidays are one of the biggest travel seasons of the year, but it’s not the only time pet parents have to think about what to do with the canines in our lives when we can’t be there to care for them ourselves. It’s great when bringing them along is an option, but if you can’t take your fur baby with you, dog boarding in Arlington, WA can be a heaven-sent solution.

Dog Boarding In Arlington, WA: What To Look For

When shopping for places that board dogs, you’ll want to visit a few before booking a stay for your best friend. The best Arlington, WA dog boarding facilities won’t require you to make an appointment to drop by for a visit. They’ll have an open-door policy that will allow you to come any time to take a look around. This will ensure that you get a true picture of how things are run and how clean it is.

Additionally, VetStreet says good boarding facilities provide constant supervision and interaction with the guests. They’ll require all dogs be vaccinated, and will provide for the dogs’ comfort. That can include indoor and outdoor access, temperature control and ventilation indoors, and quiet, private sleeping quarters.

Things To Consider

If your dog has never spent the night away from you or home, it’s not good to spring that new scenario on him. The UC Davis Department of Veterinary Medicine says that stress is the number one issue for pets during boarding. To get a feel for how your dog will respond, take him to the facility for multiple short visits before you actually need to board him. The American Kennel Club recommends choosing dog boarding in Arlington, WA that also offers doggy daycare so that your pooch can have a few playdates before an extended stay.

Also, for dogs with special medical needs, be sure to provide complete care instructions in writing for the staff, and bring along more than enough medication if your baby is on a prescription.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

You can’t put off finding dog boarding in Arlington, WA, especially if taking your dog with you is out of the question. On holidays and weekends, most good facilities fill up fast, so you might not be able to find reputable lodging for your fur baby if you wait until the last minute. Additionally, waiting will mean you won’t have much time to take your dog for a visit or for him to get used to the place.

If you will need dog boarding in Arlington, WA any time this year, the professionals at Pampered Pets Resort would love the opportunity to pamper your pooch. We have an open-door policy, so you’re welcome to drop in to check us out and see why we’re among the top pet resorts in the area. Our boarding and daycare facilities are spacious and clean, and the staff is always available to pair up pooches for playgroups, provide constant supervision, and lavish attention on our valuable guests. Give us a call 360-653-6145 to check on availability and book a stay.

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