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Welcome, new clients!

We are so glad your dog has become a part of the fun at Pampered Pets! At this point, you probably have a few questions. At Pampered Pets, safety is always our top priority, followed closely by maintaining a peaceful, well-structured and fun environment for the dogs. All of our policies are built on these priorities. The following information will guide you in your understanding of doggie daycare dynamics, and in particular, how we operate here.

General Information

  • We have social media! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and look for your pet! We do attempt to get pictures and/or videos of every dog during their stay, but if you don’t see your dog, please feel free to ask. We are also happy for you to call and check on them anytime. If you do not have social media, our staff will be happy to email you pictures and/or videos of your dogs during their stay. Just ask us at check in!

  • Please expect to wait a few minutes when dropping off or picking up your dog. We like to take our time settling them in upon arrival and getting them to go home so that we can maintain peaceful pack dynamics and promote a safe and fun environment for everyone. The dogs appreciate your patience!

  • In order to help maintain an orderly and calm environment for the dogs, we ask that you do not approach the chain link fence or call your dogs’ names when you arrive to pick them up. Please enjoy seeing them with their buddies from a distance, or on our social media pages. Along the same lines, if you are arriving with Fido for a staycation or daycare session, please do not allow Fido to approach the fence. Instead, we prefer to bring dogs into the pack in the calmest way possible to avoid any negative pack behavior.

  • All dogs must enter and leave the office on leash (or be carried in a crate). If you forgot your leash, please come to the office without your dog, and we will be happy to loan you one. Please do not allow your dog to run to/from your car without restraint (leash or crate). If you need assistance, please ask our staff.

  • Please do not leave your dog unattended in the office at any time (including when a staff member is in the office). Your dog remains your responsibility until a staff member takes them out to our play yard.

  • Only one client’s dog(s) at a time will be allowed in the office area, so be aware that if you arrive and someone is already in the office, you may be asked to wait outside, as we may be about to bring their dog up for them. Feel free to help yourself to our Pampered Parents coffee bar! Grab a hot drink or a snack while you wait!

  • Dogs are not permitted to wear collars or harnesses in the play yards (exceptions can be made for a collar or harness worn for medical reasons). To them, someone else's collar is just a fun chew toy around their neck, and dogs grabbing each others' collars during play can cause issues. Your dog will wear a laminated paper name tag during their boarding stay for identification purposes. If your normal method of flea/tick prevention includes a flea collar, please let our staff know, and we will remove the collar during the day and put it back on at night.

Boarding & Daycare

  • If you see your dog in a different play yard than usual, this does not necessarily mean your dog has been behaving poorly. We have lots of different dogs with different personalities every day, and just like kids, your dog is going to get along with some dogs better than others. We will always group dogs according to their best interests, and take into account size, age, play style (are they rough and rowdy players, or more casual and gentle), and personality. Dogs also respond differently to different handlers, different weather conditions, and different play area footing. Our staff is trained to make judgment calls on which group your dog should be in based on a number of different factors, and we will always let you know if your dog does not seem to be doing well in daycare, or is presenting any challenging behavior.

  • When boarding, we recommend that you drop off as early in the day as your schedule allows, for a few reasons: 1) You are taking the most advantage of your money. You will be charged for the day of drop off regardless of whether you drop off at 6am or 6pm, so you might as well make the most of it! 2) For most dogs, our facility is doggie Disneyland! They want to have as much playtime as possible before bed! 3) If your dog has some anxiety about staying away from home, they need as much time as possible to be able to settle in, get to know the other dogs, and wind down before bed. 4) Having a dog that’s full of energy come into the pack at the end of the day when everyone else is already tired is difficult on everyone.

  • Have questions about what to bring for boarding? Please see our FAQ section.

  • If you come to pick up your dog and do not immediately see them, chances are good that our staff recognized you and pulled your dog out of the group to get ready to go home. When a dog gets excited and riled up at pickup time, this can encourage instinctual pack-prey-drives to kick in, so we will always pull dogs out of the play group as quickly and calmly as possible. It is for this reason that we ask pet parents not to walk up to the chain link fence or call out to your pet upon your arrival. All of our policies are based on keeping your pet as safe and happy as they can be, so please bear this in mind.

  • If you have a regular daycare schedule, please keep in mind that we only have a limited amount of spots per day, and if you will not be keeping your slot on a particular day, please call to let us know so we can get someone else in that day!

  • Your dog may not drink as much water as usual during their first day or two of daycare because they are so excited/distracted by all the fun things to do! Don’t be surprised if your dog comes home and is extra hungry/tired/thirsty the first few times. Most dogs adjust after the first few times. If your dog does not seem to be adjusting and learning to regulate themselves, and is still excessively thirsty/hungry/tired after attending daycare, please let us know. We are happy to help them regulate by enforcing breaks with water and/or food if they cannot regulate themselves.

  • If your dog has not visited us in over 6 months, you may be asked to do another evaluation. Dogs’ temperaments do change with age, and evaluation is an ongoing process, so in order to truly know all of our dogs and meet everyone’s needs, we may ask that you schedule another evaluation before a stay.

Health Information

  • In any group environment, whether it’s doggie daycare, dog park, or even your vet’s office, there is always a raised risk of illness. Vaccinations often do not cover every strain of a disease (think flu vaccines), and are not 100% effective. Please be aware that no matter how clean a facility is, your dog may still contract a minor illness on occasion. Please refer to the health section of our website to learn about the most common illnesses dogs can pick up at daycare or boarding.

  • Dogs play with their teeth and claws, so minor injuries do occasionally happen during a visit, and on rare occasions, a more serious injury can occur. Our staff will always look over any dog who has been involved in any kind of a scuffle with another dog, or has given any signs of being injured while playing. On rare occasions, we will miss an injury, especially if a dog did not exhibit any signs of being hurt (usually because they are too busy playing and having fun to even notice they got hurt). Please inform us right away if you ever discover an injury that was not mentioned to you when you picked up your dog.


  • We greatly appreciate your participation in making our facility as safe, calm, and overall positive an environment for your dog as it can possibly be. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts regarding any of our policies, please speak with one of our staff. We are always happy to help, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

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