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Our day begins and ends with your dog

Vacation of a life time, weekend away, overnight business trip, family emergency... all so much better when you know your 4 legged family members are safe and happy.  That is our passion: creating a vibrant and stimulating environment your dogs will enjoy.  Our 30-plus years of experience caring for and training dogs shows in our lovely facility and effective staff.  


Pampered Pets Resort also has an open door policy. You are welcome to drop in any time during business hours for a tour of the facility and to view all the pups in play and have the comfort of knowing that nothing was prepared in advance for your observation. What you see is truly what you get!


Your dog's safety is our highest priority.  All of our activities, policies, and procedures start from that perspective and are developed from there.  Once we know everyone will be safe, the fun begins!


Upon a first time visit, we like to take our time to introduce your dog to the rest of the group. This allows us to make sure everyone is placed in an appropriate playgroup. Considerations are given to size, age, energy level and temperament so that each dog can feel safe and secure, and experience the highest level of enjoyment during their stay.

About the owner


Lorri has been in the dog industry professionally for over 30 years. As the head trainer for a large company out of Woodinville, WA for several years, Lorri instructed 12 obedience classes weekly and specialized in rehabilitating both human- and dog-aggressive dogs.


Starting her own company, Canine Cottage out of Brier, WA, Lorri became the trainer and caretaker for several dogs owned by players of the Mariner Baseball Club, including Jay Buhner, Billy Swift and Ken Griffey Jr., just to name a few.


Lorri was offered the opportunity to start a much larger boarding, training and grooming facility in Arlington, WA, which grew to be the largest facility in Snohomish County, which she co-owned and operated for 23 years.


The Pampered Pet Resort is a new and exciting opportunity to utilize and grow her experience and return to what she enjoyed in the beginning: hands on, personalized interaction with dogs.

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