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Our Evaluation Process

  • All new visitors over the age of 5 months will be required to do an evaluation. 

  • If it has been over 6 months since your dog(s) have visited us, they will be required to do another evaluation. 

  • Evaluations are done by appointment only. Please call our office for the current schedule.

The primary purpose of an evaluation is to ensure the safety of all dogs while they are here. This means making sure incoming dogs have no aggressive behaviors, are not overly reactive, have a reasonable level of tolerance for annoying behavior from others, and do not have severe amounts of anxiety or fear.

An evaluation is the best way to determine if daycare or boarding in a free-roam environment is the best fit for your dog. For some dogs, being with a group of others is great, like a big party! For others, it can be a stressful experience. Dogs have varying personalities just like people, and some are just more introverted and get overwhelmed in a crowd. Some dogs may have also had bad experiences with others that can influence how they react to being in a group. 

Does your dog have a reasonably high tolerance for annoying behavior from others? Think about children in daycare. If they aren't reasonably tolerant, then when someone steals their crayon or accidentally spills juice on them, they will fall apart and become overly upset. Dogs are similar. Having a bunch of dogs all in once place naturally means that sometimes someone will pull their ear too hard during play or bump into them while they're sleeping. If they don't have a decent tolerance for this kind of behavior, they will overreact, and this can cause issues between dogs. 

During an evaluation, your dog(s) will have a chance to view other dogs from the other side of a fence or wall before being introduced. They will be able to walk around and check out their surroundings, and then dogs will be introduced to them one at a time. Your dog's reactions -- and our pack's reactions to your dogs -- will be closely monitored as the dogs are introduced. When your dog(s) are ready, they will be introduced to a group. 

Please call us at 360-653-6145 to schedule an assessment.

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