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Frequently Asked Questions

Brittany Spaniel dog

I have 2 (or more) pets. Can they stay in the same kennel?

Typically, yes. Our kennels are 4' x 4', so as long as the dogs will be comfortable together in a space that size, they can stay together.

How much playtime will my dog get while boarding? Does playtime cost extra?

The boarding dogs are out playing right alongside our daycare dogs all day. Playtime is included in their stay.

What should I bring when my dog is boarding?

We offer everything a dog will need during their stay, including food, blankets, and dishes. However, you are more than welcome to bring your dog's regular food, a blanket or bed, and a couple of chew bones. We recommend leaving your own dog dishes at home, unless your dog uses a slow feeder (aka puzzle bowl) or refuses to eat out of other dishes. We ask that all dry food be bagged by you in ziplock bags for each individual breakfast and dinner (and lunch if needed). This insures that your dog always receives the proper amount you want for him and also allows us to easily monitor how he is eating during his stay. If it is your dog's first time boarding, or if they are a nervous boarder, we highly recommend bringing an item that smells like home, such as a shirt that you have worn, or a blanket that has been on your bed. If your dog has medication, please bring the original containers with them to board.

Do you administer medication?

Yes, we will administer most medications. We will not administer any injectable medications, or the medication Acepromazine ("Ace"). Pills, eye drops, ear drops, etc. are all acceptable forms of medication. Please bring whatever form of treats best aids your dog in taking their medication (hot dog, pill pockets, canned food, meat slices, etc.) Medication must be separate from all other items you bring, and you must bring the original containers with you. Upon your arrival, each dog's medications will be sorted in a separate pill box labeled with their name and stored in our medication area.

What time can I come in for boarding?

Anytime during business hours. However, we recommend that you come in at least two hours prior to closing if your schedule will permit, to allow the dog(s) as much time as possible to settle in and get their energy out before bedtime. When you arrive, we will go over the dog's feeding schedule and any medication with you.  Please notify us of any special feeding requirements or allergies the dog may have at this time. Check-in usually takes about 10 minutes. Please allow extra time if you have multiple dogs to check in, or if your dog(s) have more than 1 medication that we will be administering.

Can I make a reservation online?

We do not offer this feature at the moment. Please call our office at 360-653-6145 to book a stay.

Rhodesian German Shepherd mix dog
Bernese Mountain Dog

What happens if my dog gets hurt or ill during a visit?

It is important to be aware that minor health issues can sometimes arise in group environments, just like kids in school or daycare (see our Health Page for more info). For common minor issues such as eye infections or tummy trouble, Pampered Pets keeps medications on hand and we will treat your pet and notify you of any health issues when you pick up. If your dog is feeling poorly or becomes injured during playtime and we feel vet attention may be necessary, we will contact you and discuss their options for care with you. In the event that an issue arises in which your pet may need immediate medical attention, our staff will transport your pet to our emergency vet and you will be notified immediately.

Do you board cats?

We do not currently have any accommodations for cats. We recommend asking your local vet about catteries in the area.

Do you offer grooming?

Yes, we offer full service grooming for all dogs and cats! Please visit our grooming page for more details.

Do you have webcams?

Webcams are not a feature we offer at this time. However, we take videos and pictures of the dogs daily and post them to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We work very hard to get all of our boarding dogs online, especially when it is their first time staying with us. And of course, you are welcome to call and check on your pups anytime!

Do you feed lunch?

We are happy to feed your dog lunch, whether they are here for boarding or just for the day. Please bring us a lunch for them or let us know how much of our food you would like them to get each day.

My dog hasn't been socialized and I'm not sure how he/she will do with a bunch of dogs. Can they still come?

We are happy to meet your dog and see if they are a good fit for a free-roam environment. Please call our office to schedule an assessment. 

Frenchton dog
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