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"Pampered Pets Resort gets 5 stars because the people who own and work there care about my pet's fun and safety. I want to give a big thanks to Joseph. Joseph is very kind and takes the time every evening, when I pick up my dog, to tell me something special that happened during the day. Sometimes my pet is one of the last picked up, and I never feel like he is put out to be working right up to closing time. They way he speaks to my dog and to me makes me feel like my pet and my business matters. He truly cares about the dogs there. Megan is super sweet, professional and someone you can count on to have the daycare open and get you in and out quickly so your can get to work on-time!The facility is very clean, temperature controlled and my pup likes the dog shaped pool! I also appreciate the long hours and that it is open 7 days a week. When I have had to board my dog, they honored any special requests I have made. Lori is more than a business owner. She is very knowledgeable about dogs, and I feel my pet is in good hands in her care and those who work for her." - Bobbie W.

Laurie and her staff are absolutely the best. Our two kids always come back happy and healthy, obviously having had the time of their lives. What’s so special about them, even though they are expanding, is that they are determined to remain small enough to give the attention to their guests that they deserve. I only wish I could leave them more often there, but we moved out of the area and can’t as much as I’d like. Trust me, being a loving dad, you’ll be very pleased with their loving care of your best friends. -Bobby C.

This is a wonderful place to board your dogs. Our dog Tucker has been going there for a couple years off and on. He loves it. The staff is great and they really care about our pets. Big and small dogs are separated. We bring his bed, blanket, treats and his own food, although they do provide food if you prefer. The dogs can roam freely and go in out all day, only in their own quarters at night. We are very thankful to be close by and not to have to worry about Tucker when we are away. We highly recommend Pampered Pets in Marysville, for boarding and daycare. -Linda L.

I found the staff very open and friendly. They gladly showed me around and I stayed with my dog while they introduced dogs to make sure he was comfortable and would get along with the other animals. Bart stayed overnight a few days later and he was so happy to go play. When I came the next day, he was happy and well rested.-Adrienne C.

I was looking for a daycare for our new pup when I needed to be away for the day. He loves all the staff and his friends there. It has been great this summer with the pool for him to play in. The staff shows how much they care in all the do. They are willing to take him on short notice, which really helps me with my schedule. He as always comes home exhausted but ready to go the next time. -Sue C.

LOVE Pampered Pets! The facilities are scrupulously clean and the staff really know and care about the dogs. Our dog gets so excited every time he arrives, makes me feel good about dropping him off. It reminds me much more of a childcare center than a kennel. I can't recommend them highly enough.

-Pat Q.

Lori (owner), Megan, and Joseph are nothing short of terrific! They are expert at handling the dogs and their individual needs, but also give them all the love and attention they crave when "mommy" or "daddy" can't be with them!! I have complete confidence with the care my Seeley gets when at Pampered Pets Resort, whether for daycare or boarding. -Barbara R.

After trying out a few boarders in our area (Burlington), we've decided Pampered Pets is 2000% worth the drive to Marysville to board our Australian Shepherd. They're always gracious over the phone and in person. Pampered Pets has posted pictures and videos on their Facebook page of our pup each time we've boarded with them, and we love seeing him have a blast and having peace of mind that he's doing well! -Monica L.

I love my daycare! I don't get to come as often as I would like. But when my humans say daycare to me I get so very excited for I know I'm going to Pampered Pets! I love to play with the water hose filling the pools for everyone else. Soaking up the sun is a plus for my old bones. On the colder days, I get to cuddle. My daycare humans are wonderful. I'm so glad I get to visit! Wet kisses forever along with a sassy bark or two! Love, Sami. -Vicky C.

What a wonderful, caring and first-rate staff! Our fur baby, Princess, was treated like the Princess she is and we immediately felt welcomed and reassured that she would be treated just like one of the family. I really appreciate Joseph's commitment, compassion and wonderful "bedside manner" with each and every furry guest at Pampered Pets Resort. We will definitely get out the word that if your pet needs a temporary home, this is the place for them to be. Thanks! -Terry F.

I have finally found a home away from home for my dog! It is such a comfort to leave my older black lab in the care of Pampered Pets Resort, when our dog can’t join us on our adventures. I feel assured that the staff, truly care, about each and every guest. They take into account that my dog is older and are great about pairing him with the right company and what is best for him activity wise. In his younger years, he would have had a blast playing outside all day here! The facility set up is great, with indoor / outdoor options. They are amazingly flexible with pick up and drop off times, which is a HUGE convenience – no preset appointments to pick up, just arrive during business hours! No nickle and dime charges for giving medications, or nonsense services (contrary to the last facility I tried out). This place is a gem, and I’m thrilled to have found Pampered Pets, Lorri and her team. -Kim F.

Very nice people and facility. The facilities are clean and kept up, lots of room for dogs to run and play outside. Have indoor areas when the weather is bad. We have taken our mini Aussie in several times for the day and she had a great time. Left her there recently for 3 days and nights and felt she was in very capable hands. Did not have to worry about how she was doing or being taken care of! The next best option to staying home with your dog! We highly recommend this business for your dog. -Mike D.

We have been very happy with the boarding experience our two large dogs have had. The staff are obviously well-trained in dog-behavior and I secretly watched as they initially introduced our dogs to "the pack" (some kennels keep our friendly French Mastiff separated from other dogs out of fear of "issues"). Instead, our dogs were allowed to safely greet the other dogs from behind a fence, and when it was clear that no one had "issues" they were all released to happily play together. Our dogs came home healthy, happy, and exhausted. They even notified us (and treated) of a minor skin rash our other dog developed while boarding (not unusual...just like kids in daycare!). We will definitely be back! -Karyn T

I love the report card. Based on the comments, I can tell they pay attention to my dog and know her personality. She comes home happy and exhausted -Sally G.

This is the second time that we have boarded our dogs at Pampered Pets and we really like them! We have two lab sized dogs, one is crazy active and the other is quiet and they cater to both of them! I REALLY like how the dogs are all together outside playing instead of in a kennel all day long. But also if it gets to be too much like for our quiet dog then they can go inside and lounge on beds and cushions! Our quite dog gets anxiety a bit and is stubborn about eating but they have given her meat with her food every time to get her to eat and don't charge extra! The staff is friendly and is willing to answer any questions. They will even send you texts to let you know how your dogs are doing if you ask! My dogs are always happy when I pick them up and the staff gives you the run down of how they did. I great place and we will keep taking our dogs there! -Mary R.

The facility is extremely clean and the staff is exceptionally knowledgeable. I needed to board my dog on very short notice for over a week and they went above and beyond to help me out. When I picked him up I was relieved to find him happy and tired. I believe he received superb individual human care while also being able to socialize with any number of other dogs. I will be bringing my border collie back to Pampered Pets Resort next time we travel and would highly recommend them to other dog owners -Beth T.

Pampered Pets Resort is a great place for your dog to socialize with a variety of dog breeds. I am very particular about leaving my dog in the care of others. However, while touring the facility I was immediately put at ease and knew this was the place for my dog. It is just the right size, the indoor and outdoor areas are VERY clean, the owner and staff are very attentive, experienced, and personable, and the atmosphere is not intimidating (as larger daycare and boarding centers can be). I could go on and on about how great this place is, but don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. -Felicia

Lorri and the staff at Pampered Pets are the best! I have been taking my dog there since it opened and never had anything but an excellent experience. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and take the time to work through issues the dogs may have individually or with each other. When I pick my dog up, the staff are aware of what my dog did during the day, which shows the level of supervision. The extended hours make it possible for me to get to work on time and even though I have not left her on the weekend, daycare is available then too! The facility is neat and clean and conveniently located. -BA

We followed the directions on the website and dropped in unexpectedly on a Friday afternoon, and we were beyond pleased with what we saw! Lorri came out from where the dogs stay and greeted us so friendly and professionally. She had no issues with us just dropping in! The waiting area is adorable and clean! You can tell this is a place that really takes care of everything. After we talked to her for a minute, she took us right in to where the dogs sleep, a large heated building. It was extremely clean, did not smell, and very well taken care of. The dogs are separated into large and small, and both have so much room to play! They can go outside into their fenced-in yard to hang out with other dogs. The best part is they have separate sleeping facilities for each dog!

Simply the BEST dog boarding/daycare our family has experienced. Our Beagle puppy has been in the daycare program since the beginning of June and loves the staff and all her new friends. The owner Lori, has 30 years experience and it shows in the way they do business. Other staff members are knowledgeable and get to know all the dogs. It's a very clean facility and I have peace of mind knowing our puppy is safe, happy and well supervised. It's a plus that she comes home dog-tired and much less naughty than a non-daycare day. 😀-Debbie Y.

My English Mastiff, Gordon, can be a handful sometimes. He has all the exuberance of a puppy, which is difficult enough sometimes - but put all that play energy into a 130lb body and it becomes quite the undertaking to socialize him without other dogs being afraid of him or hurting his growing joints. The people here at Pampered Pets have been nothing but optimistic and enthusiastic about him coming for daycare. They made me feel like I was leaving my giant baby in good, CAPABLE hands. Gordon comes back from daycare totally exhausted and very happy. I am so grateful to have found the perfect place for him to socialize, blow off energy, and not be a burden on any people or dogs. He fits right in (finally)! -Hannah W.

What a great place!! I took my Aussie & German Shepherd puppy for their first visit & I was highly impressed with the way things are set up. This is a very clean & well set up facility. I will be bringing the four-legged kids back soon for daycare as well as for boarding when I'm out of town. Also the rates are very reasonable for the quality of care. -Jodie C.

When we have to leave our dogs for more than an hour or two, we prefer to take them somewhere where they can play and socialize. Pampered Pets is a great option, and every time we've come back to collect our pups, we've come back to tired, happy dogs. Lori and Joseph are wonderful with the dogs, and obviously really care about all of their clients. I've not seen a single aggressive or sick animal here. Whether you need boarding or just daycare so you can have an afternoon out, I highly recommend Pampered Pets Resort. -Jasper G.

The absolute best boarding facility ever! Lori is awesome and so devoted. I would never board Lucy anywhere else. She's very careful which pups should be put together by age, size, and temperament. A big THANK YOU for taking care of our special girl! 

-Wendy G.

Lorri and her staff at Pampered Pets are wonderful. I don't trust my dogs to be left anywhere else. Someone is always attending to the dogs and they actually know what they're doing. They take a genuine interest in your pets well being and spend real quality time with them. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for the best care your dog can get while your away. -Krista V.

Pampered Pets Resort is absolutely the best doggy day care and dog boarding in the area. I have taken my dobie their since she was 6 months old. She had severe separation anxiety when at first and Lorri and her staff patiently worked her through it. She was over it in no time and now is eager to see her day care buddies. The dog's enjoy an open environment all day long, and the staff has them all behaving, they are experts in their field. The facility is spotless all the time, and the individual care they give each dog is reassuring when you have to leave your beloved furry friend behind. -Cindy W.

Excellent facility with wonderful care and great value. Dogs are free to roam and play with other dogs all day at the base rate, not penned up like many other facilities. They get lots of attention and play time with the staff. -John A.

After a temporary move caused our little 5 year old Shih-Tzu mix some anxiety, we decided day care would be the best option. Pampered Pets was able to get us in the next day to test it out, and we've been taking him there almost everyday since! He gets excited when we pull in and is exhausted when he gets picked up. The staff is great, making sure all the dogs are taken care of while there. Can't beat the prices for the service you get. We love EVERYTHING about Pampered Pets Resort! -Kelsey 

Not only is the staff at Pampered Pets knowledgeable and experienced, but they are caring as well. My 10yr old Bichon has some separation anxiety, they have gone above and beyond to accommodate him, he feels right at home there. And they open early and close late! Which is a huge plus for me. They do both Daycare and Boarding. And I really liked how our first "give it a try" day was free. I also like how they have half and full day rates. If you want to see what a day in the life of a Pampered Pets guest is like, just check out their Facebook page! -Clarissa H.

A real find. We had been looking for a place to take our best friend, so he would not be alone all day and discovered Pampered Pets. Great Staff and very knowledgeable friendly people. Our pet just loves it and is excited every morning to go. -Happy Pet Owner

I would recommend Pampered Pets Resort to anyone who loves their fur baby and doesn't want to leave them alone at home. I've been taking my Bernese there since she was just 4 months old. Lori and her team are taking great care of her every day! -Uschi P.

First time there today. Our small dog did very well there. The building was comfortable and the owner was very friendly. Casper will be back! -June E.

Lorri and the staff at Pampered Pets are the best! I have been taking my dog there since it opened and never had anything but an excellent experience. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and take the time to work through issues the dogs may have individually or with each other. When I pick my dog up, the staff are aware of what my dog did during the day, which shows the level of supervision. The extended hours make it possible for me to get to work on time and even though I have not left her on the weekend, daycare is available then too! The facility is neat and clean and conveniently located. Becky W.

Great care and friendly people! I was totally at ease leaving my Ollie for the weekend when we went away. He loves going to daycare at Pampered Pets too! Highly recommend them! He is always anxious to get out of the car when we arrive at daycare and is one tired pooch when I pick him up. I love the fact that it's open 7 days a week and the hours are awesome. -Shari H.

Not completely satisfied with the other dog kennels i have used in the past. I decided to trust this place to take care of my Mini Schnauzer for a week while I had to go out of state.I am 100% happy with the facility, staff, and treatment my lil buddy received. They even gave his eye medication to him twice a day, and I can tell by his behavior that he was treated very well.My dog doesn't like to feel "locked up" and this place gives the pets freedom to move about. That is wonderful. I will trust only Pampered Pets Resort in the future to care for my dog. -D. Dems

My two Border Collies are right at home when we board them here! I'm confident with their care and am SO impressed with how clean everything is!! We make reservations way in advance to secure our place! It takes the anxiety out of planning a trip. Thanks to all of you for your TLC. -Dana V.

Our dog always loves staying and playing at Pampered Pets. Great Staff with great services. -Steve H

I have a boxer who is under a year and full of energy, I took him to Pampered Pets for a 3 day boarding stay and he had a great time! The staff was very welcoming and is open to dropping by to check the place out before bringing your fur baby. The place was very clean and didn't mind me calling to check on him daily. -Jennifer A.

Pampered Pets Resort was referred to me by my Pet Sitter who had moved and was unable to take care of my Rat Terrier, Blitz. I searched for and found them easily on the web. My first phone call was very informative. I was over whelmed by my first visit to this facility, because it was new, extremely, clean and very professional. I was able to drop Blitz off for a free day of getting to know the other dogs, before I left him for an extended period of time. Our community is very fortunate to have such a nice place to leave our pets at! -Harv. V.

Wonderful staff! The open play area is great. I felt completely comfortable leaving my dog here during my vacation. I will be back! -Carrie C.

After a number of unsatisfactory attempts to hire a house/pet sitter I resigned myself to finding a boarding kennel for my dogs. I have been really pleased by the level of service I get at Pampered Pets including the professional, caring attitude of the staff and the clean, dog friendly facility. When I travel I enjoy my vacation more knowing my animals are safe, well cared for and having their own fun. Thank you Pampered pets for giving me peace of mind when I can't be home to care for my dogs myself. -Adele B.

I always use yelp to find the best place possible and reviews for services. I am overly protective of my dog and wants to make sure that he gets the most care as possible especially when I'm not around. I tried this place last year because I have to travel for the weekend. For your first time, they will tour you around and explain everything to you. I like how the place is set up. Your dog will not be sleeping on a cold kennel. The area where they sleep is heated. Your money will be worth it. Recently I have to ask them to do the same for my dog because of my mothers surgery and I don't want to leave him by himself at home. It's a nice feeling that someone/a place that my dog can stay and I know that they will take of my dog. I like the fact that my dog can interact with other breeds of dogs and if your dog can't hang with the big dogs, it's fine. They can separate your dog from them. -Nel V.

We love Pampered Pets Resort! The staff care for my dog like she is family. Our dog always enjoys her stay. The staff are friendly and professional. The facility is clean and well-maintained. I would highly recommend Pampered Pets Resort. -Melissa L.

The cleanest dog care facility we have ever been to. Our dogs were well cared for during our trip away from home. Will recommend this facility to others. Thanks!  -LaMoyne A.

We love pampered Pets Resort! Maddie & Shelby have such a great time at Daycare, they play with all of their new friends and come home exhausted! They also have had the opportunity to spend a full week there, the resort is beautiful and well Run! We Love the staff and they Love our Girls! Thank you for doing what you do!  -Carol J.

Our dog was happy and well cared for at Pampered Pets.😃 -Marilyn B.

I am very pleased with this facility. They listen to concerns and suggestions for specific needs or your pet, and act accordingly. When I leave my dog there each day, I feel he is in good hands. -Linda M.

My dogs love coming here for daycare. The facility is safe and very clean.
They come home happy and tired!! -Linda W.

Lorri was kind enough to take my puppy at the last minute over the holidays. I could not have been happier! When I picked him up, he clearly loved being there. The facility was clean, organized, and very professional. Lorri was easy to communicate everything by phone and email. We will definitely return! -Rachel E.

Thank you Lorri and Team our dogs had the best time. Thanks for watching them during the holiday. You guys do a great job, this resort and spa is so clean and love how all the dogs play together. -Jeff D.

Madison is very energetic and overly friendly golden doodle. She loves going to Pampered Pets! She is just a puppy and the staff is always so welcoming and caring of their doggy guest. I would highly recommend them as safe and caring facility - you will not be disappointed. -Jeanie L.

We followed the directions on the website and dropped in unexpectedly on a Friday afternoon, and we were beyond pleased with what we saw! Lorri came out from where the dogs stay and greeted us so friendly and professionally. She had no issues with us just dropping in! The waiting area is adorable and clean! You can tell this is a place that really takes care of everything. After we talked to her for a minute, she took us right in to where the dogs sleep, a large heated building. It was extremely clean, did not smell, and very well taken care of. The dogs are separated into large and small, and both have so much room to play! They can go outside into their fenced-in yard to hang out with other dogs. The best part is they have separate sleeping facilities for each dog!

We took our dog back a couple days later. And we were BEYOND thrilled when he came home the next day. He slept so much, and he is a Border Collie, so that doesn't happen often! That can only tell us he had a great time and he was well taken care of! He came back clean and happy! Lorri was so friendly and helpful when we picked him up! We highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a doggie daycare or a boarding facility. You can rest assured your dog is in good hands. Pampered Pets is professional, has lots of experience with many types of dogs (especially high-energy dogs), friendly, and so clean! He can't wait to get back there! -Megan S.

I'm so happy I found this place. Very accommodating. I really love the early and late drop off/pick up hours. -Regan A.

We had never used a boarding facility and we visited several before going to Pampered Pets Resort. What a great place this is. It is well organized, clean and the staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Paco and Juno both were new at boarding so we did a trial run before we go away on vacation. They gave us a free day/night trial and we could not be more pleased with the the care the dogs received. A great experience for the dogs and us. -Ken P.

A great place to board or daycare your pets. -David S.

Can't recommend Pampered Pets enough! Bentley loves going to visit his friends for the day and comes home well cared for and happy. Thank you for your outstanding dedication! -Tamatha M.

This being the second time we have boarded our beloved mutt with PPR, I am sure there will be more good times to come. The care and attention given to there board dogs is second to none. GOOD JOB PPR. -F.A.W.

I'm very pleased with everyone I've ever dealt with at Pampered Pets. Very nice, clean and friendly doggy daycare without a doubt. I'm very particular where my pooch goes and have a hard time leaving her with someone else. Not the case here! Affordable, friendly and reliable. Accommodated me more than once at last minute's notice. Highly recommended this facility! I.Y.

​They are wonderful with my Dog, you can tell they really know what they are doing. -Alma J.

Pampered they were. Both of our dogs who have never been boarded before and are older dogs, had the best time. They were happy and well taken care of. Highly recommend them. Each dogs needs were met to the fullest. -Joker

Pampered Pets is WONDERFUL, I feel that my dog gets the BEST care possible away from home. Thank you for taking such good care of him. -Peggy F.

My dog loves this place, very clean professional and all the dogs are very social Highly recommend. -April D.

I have a 14 year-old miniature dachshund who needed a place to stay for a couple nights and I came across this place. Had excellent reviews and space available so I decided to check it out. It was a little hard to find the driveway, however that's my only complaint! They were really friendly over the phone as well as in person and they had me in and out of there in no time! Although he's pretty old and small, they knew exactly how to handle him and it appears as though he had a great time! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to board their dog! -Scott M.

Waffle LOVES his daycare, and it gives us peace of mind knowing that he is well cared for in a safe environment. Plus...he is as tired as we are at the end of a long day :) -Stacey N.

Excellent place! Most caring and friendly staff. Our dog loves it here, we feel totally at ease when we have to go out of town knowing our dog will be in good hands. Thank you!!! -Jen M.

Pampered Pets is a godsend! I recently moved to the area and needed a place for my energetic Golden Retriever, Sarah during the day. She loves it there! The professional staff got her acclimated and introduced her when she was comfortable. She had never been to doggie daycare before and now she can't wait to go see her friends there. She comes home tired and happy which makes for a great dog. She is trying out their boarding facilities this weekend. Pampered pets makes it easy for the pets and their parents. -Jean S.

Our Penny loves going to Pampered Pets to play with all of her friends. The facility is always clean and at pick up time the employees always have time to chat for a few minutes about her day. -Alice N

Love it! Like you, I won't leave my fur kids with just anybody. I have been taking my boys there for a couple of years now. Lorri is fabulous! She is knowledgeable, friendly and caring. Same goes for the staff. I have been a daycare client as well as boarding. I have complete trust in Pampered Pets Resort. The facility is always clean very well maintained. I will continue to be a client for many years to come. -Misty U.

Sadie LOVES Pampered Pet Resort! She starts getting anxious about a mile away, as she then knows we are going there. The staff are fantastic people and very attentive to the animals. Sadie knows that she is one of the "family" there. -Steve O.

My dog Katy loves going to Pampered Pets Resort, and I enjoy visiting with the owner and the employees. Thank you Pampered Pets Resort for taking care of my Katy when I am at work. -Sarah 

We love Pampered Pets Resort! Great price and great service! We've taken our 6 month old puppy, Bo, for daycare and for an overnight boarding experience. We are overprotective dog parents, but felt comfortable leaving him in the care of the Pampered Pets employees. He had the best time! We will definitely be heading back for future daycare and boarding services. -Taleah B.

This is the best kennel we have ever used. The dogs can get plenty of exercise and play time. The staff and facilities are excellent. Highly recommended! -Gordon H.

This is a very well run kennel and it's obvious the staff care for the pets entrusted to them. And the best part is that after five days at Pampered Pets, our dog, Gabe, slept for the next two days--tired and contented from playing with his new friends. When we leave Gabe at Pampered Pets we are completely confident that he will be looked after in a safe and clean environment. -Dennis W.

Great place for a puppy! -Alyssa G.

Sky absolutely LOVES daycare and boarding at the Pampered Pets Resort. She has been going weekly for the past 9 months and loves it! The staff is extremely attentive and caring towards all of the dogs and keep the facilities clean and tidy. My dog will literally bark in happiness when we get to daycare because she's so eager to get out there and play with the other pups. Sky is a very active 5-year old husky. She comes home exhausted after each daycare session which has been a lifesaver for me when I've had a busy day and can't give her the attention she needs. My fiance and I are thrilled to have a safe place to leave our dog when we travel. Boarding Sky is the least of our concern as we know she is well taken care of. Love these people and love this business. -Lesley H.

Clean place, dogs all look happy. Not like the prison setup I have seen at other kennels. Very likely to board here again. -D.

Neighbor has been taking her dog to Pampered Pets and your place was highly recommended. Cooper has been for both daycare and overnight stays. He loves playing with all the dogs and socializing with everyone. Love that the dogs are not kenneled the whole day when being boarded and allowed to play with all the other dogs. Thank you Pampered Pets for letting us bring Cooper when we can't take him with us. You allow us to have peace of mind leaving him there, and knowing he will be well taken care of. -M.P.

We left our 7 month old puppy there for 2 weeks. The people there are extremely friendly. They put our worries at ease when we dropped him off. While we were away, pictures and videos were shared on Facebook and we were able to see how much fun he was having during his stay. We have already booked for our next trip. We highly recommend pampered pets. -Jackie R.

Picked up my girl Emme after her first overnight, She was happy and healthy, can't say enough good about the staff, they put up with anxious dad's check in calls, and went out of their way in all aspects to make me feel comfortable. We will be back for boarding and day care. Thanks! -Barry H.

I can't say enough good things about Pampered Pets. We moved to the area a year ago and checked out a number of places to board our Lab and Pug. From the first visit I was very impressed (and I am not easily impressed). The set-up is well thought out and executed. Everything is clean neat and orderly. Every member of the staff is amazing. They clearly love animals and work extremely hard giving them the best care. They treat each and every dog as if they were their own. We often have our dogs stay for a few days while we are traveling and upon our return we always get a complete report on their stay. We have used a number of different boarders over the years but hands down Pampered Pets is the absolute best. -Joel S.

Our Bouvier loved her stay at Pampered Pets. The staff was friendly and helpful. The facilities were clean and our dog was able to go in and out as she pleased during the day. We also could check up on her by their webcam. This is our boarding facility for our future boarding needs. -Chad H.

​This was the second time our little Sammy stayed at Pampered Pets and she came home happy and tired. This is definitely the place to bring your puppy, Lorrie, Megan and Joseph are the best you sure can tell they love dogs. It is also the cleanest place I have seen, definitely will be back. -Chris B.

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