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Arlington, WA Dog Daycares Keep Pets Safe From Common Dog Poisons

The world is filled with dangers, and many of the risks are right in our homes and backyards. A number of household items can be poisonous to dogs, and it's essential you don't underestimate your pooch. They have curious natures, plus their appetites drive them to get into things they shouldn't. Dogs who don’t have the benefit of Arlington, WA dog daycare are left to their own devices and can find plenty of trouble. If something smells interesting, your dog won't understand that it might be toxic and it could be too tempting for him to pass up a taste. At least at an Arlington, WA dog daycare your fur baby will be supervised and will be safe from common dog poisons.

Insecticides and Rodenticides

It's logical that if a substance was developed to kill one thing, it's going to be dangerous for others. Poisons meant to control rats, mice, spiders, and insects are at the top of the list of poisonous substances that pose a danger to dogs, according to Pet Poison Helpline. Keep in mind, too, that even over the counter flea and tick treatments are insecticides, so it's vital to consult with your veterinarian on a safe way to keep your best friend parasite-free.

Medications For Humans

Drugs developed to treat health issues in humans can be very toxic to dogs. Blood pressure medications and antidepressants are some of the usual types of household poisons that pose a threat to dogs. It's not just prescription medications that are dangerous, though. Web MD says that over the counter medicines such as pain medications and anti-inflammatories can cause stomach problems and even kidney failure. Additionally, some veterinary medications can have adverse effects, especially if your dog ingests excessive doses, so remember to keep all types of medications locked up and out of his reach.

Household Cleaners and Fertilizers

Cleaners that have corrosive elements make them effective for tough, dirty jobs, but that's also what makes them poisonous for your pooch. Drain cleaners, rust and lime removers, toilet cleaner, and any product formulated with lime are dangerous for dogs. Don't count on the word "natural" on the label to mean that it's safe; they can still cause your dog to become very sick. Additionally, fertilizers are a common dog poison, even (especially!) organic ones. Ingredients such as bone meal, feather meal, iron, or blood meal are frequently used to make "natural" fertilizers, and they're all things that canines might find smell delicious, but they can cause severe health issues and should be kept where your dog can't get into them.

As a side note: antifreeze isn’t a cleaner or fertilizer, but it is a common household item that frequently poisons dogs. Always clean up antifreeze spills immediately and don’t let your pooch drink from puddles outdoors just in case they contain any of the toxic liquid.

People Food

The pleading look on your best friend’s face reveals that what you’re eating smells delicious to him, but many foods humans eat all the time and that make a canine’s mouth water can cause serious reactions in your dog, from stomach problems to hypothermia and even death. The ASPCA lists some of the most toxic foods for dogs including nuts--especially macadamia nuts--onions, citrus fruits, raisins or grapes, xylitol, alcohol, and raw yeast dough.

With so many dangers lurking in your own home, an Arlington, WA dog daycare is a natural solution to keeping your best friend safe. Pampered Pets Resort is the Arlington, WA dog daycare pooches love to come to when their humans can't be with them. Not only is Pampered Pets Resort set up to be canine-friendly with no dangerous substances within reach, but your fur baby will be supervised throughout the day, leaving him no chance of getting into something he shouldn't. Come take a tour and bring your best friend along or call 360-653-6145 to schedule a playdate for your pooch.

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