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Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding in Arlington, WA: Keeping Your Pooch Company

It’s not your imagination. If your dog seems to get lonely when you leave him home, that’s likely what is happening. Dogs are pack animals. They thrive on your company, and, depending on individual personalities, it can be traumatizing for some to be at home alone for extended periods of time. Dog day care and dog boarding in Arlington, WA are always an excellent option, though there are new, inventive ways of staving off loneliness for dogs who stay at home alone periodically.

Can’t I Just Turn On the TV?

The idea of leaving the television or radio on to keep your pet company isn’t new. In fact, many facilities for dog boarding in Arlington, WA do play the radio or recorded music for their guests. An article from confirms that ambient noise is helpful for reducing anxiety for some dogs. It may not work for everyone, though, so relying on background noise to make your furry friend forget he is alone isn’t a sure-fire solution.

Different Audio Options

If you want to try out leaving your dog home alone for a few hours with some background noise for company just to see whether or not it helps, PetPlace recommends you choose the audio carefully. Maybe rather than leaving the TV on playing a game show or kids program, play some soothing music on a CD for him. VetStreet backs that advice up and takes it a step further, recommending the music specifically be classical and that you play it at a low volume. Remember: your dog hears about 20,000Hz better than you do, so loud noises will stress him more than relax him.

Audiobooks are an interesting new option for “latchkey” pets. According to CNet, Cesar Millan has partnered with Amazon to produce audiobooks specifically for pet parents to play for their pooches. Through a bit of research, they’ve pinpointed classic titles with calming stories that consistently seemed to soothe dogs. Alternatively, if you’re already in the habit of reading aloud to your dog, you could record a few of those sessions to play them back when he’s home alone. He won’t mind that it’s a story he’s heard before. It’s the sound of your voice that will soothe him.

The Best Option

Dog daycare and dog boarding in Arlington, WA provides more than ambient noise to keep your dog company. Having a professional care for your dog when you can’t, whether it’s for the day, overnight, or during an extended trip, ensures he’s not getting into trouble or experiencing an emergency with no one there to help. At Pampered Pet Resort, we enjoy the interaction part of our job. Talking to our guests, playing with them, and caring for them is the bulk of the job description, and we love it. We have plenty of satisfied customers to attest to the fact that they love it, too. The best part for many canines is that they get to play with their friends while getting all the pets and belly rubs they want. Come see for yourself. Drop in anytime for a tour or call 360-653-6145 to book a playdate or an extended stay at Pampered Pets Resort, the choice for dog boarding in Arlington, WA.

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