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Grooming Before Dog Boarding In Arlington, WA

There are many reasons for dog boarding in Arlington, WA, whether you’re taking a business trip, a vacation Rusty can’t accompany you on, or maybe you’re hosting a huge get-together at your home and your dog would be better off and less traumatized if he didn’t have to be in the middle of it all. As you’re preparing him for his own vacation at the kennel, don’t forget to groom him. Not only does VetStreet say that regular grooming is good for his health, but he’ll want to arrive at the boarding facility looking his best. Plus, the best kennels for dog boarding in Arlington, WA will appreciate it. Clean, well-groomed pooches require less cleanup at the kennel, helping to keep the place spic-and-span.

The Basics

Regardless of the breed, there are some common steps for grooming any dog. First, gather all the tools you’ll need such as a brush and detangling comb, scissors, shampoo, a washcloth, and two to three towels. If your dog isn’t short-haired, it will be helpful to also have a conditioner on hand. Always use shampoo and conditioner formulated for dogs. Canines have a different pH to their skin and hair, and human grooming products can throw it out of balance. It’s a good idea, too, to wear a waterproof apron.

Petsafe recommends starting the process with a good brushing to remove looser tangles and using the comb on more stubborn mats, keeping a gentle hand, so it doesn’t hurt your dog. Some mats may need to be cut out, but don’t trim down near the skin. Instead, cut through the mat at about halfway and use the detangling comb to gently comb it the rest of the way out.

The Bath

Use lukewarm water when bathing your dog—not too hot or too cold. Follow the instructions on the shampoo and conditioner bottles; if the labels don’t offer guidelines as to how much product to use, be conservative. Start out with a small amount and add more if necessary. Avoid getting water and grooming products in your dog’s eyes and ears. Some people place cotton balls in their fur babies’ ears to ensure against accidentally flooding them. Don’t dump or spray water on your dog’s face. Instead, gently wipe it clean with a damp washcloth. Pay close attention to the rinsing step at the end. Continue to rinse your dog off with clean water until all product has been washed away.

Towel off your dog as much as possible while he’s in the tub or basin, then take him out and stand him on a towel while you dry him again with a fresh towel. If the weather is cool, it’s a good idea to blowdry your freshly-bathed dog, but be careful. Use the lowest warm setting on the hair dryer and don’t get it too close to his skin. Brushing a longer-haired dog while blowdrying helps keep his fur from tangling as well as speeding drying time.

Optional Steps

It’s best to have a professional do the job of nail trimming and hair cutting, but if you’re short on time, you can give it a go before taking your pooch to dog boarding in Arlington, WA. For nails, use sharp nail clippers to ensure a quick, clean cut, and trim in the middle of the tip, staying well away from the “quick,” the pink part of the nail that has blood vessels and nerve endings. If can’t see the quick because your dog has dark nails, barely trimming the end is the best bet if you absolutely don’t have the time to have the vet or groomer do the job. Pet MD recommends keeping styptic powder nearby to immediately stop bleeding if an accident occurs.

Ceasar Milan advises that you have a professional groomer show you how to use clippers on your dog so if you haven’t done that, it’s better to let your best friend go to the kennel without a haircut if there’s no time for a visit to the pro. If you have had some experience, remember to take your time, use clippers made for your dog’s specific type of hair, and use sharp blades to avoid painful pulling. Also, have someone help you hold your dog to keep him still while you work.

If you’re looking for dog boarding in Arlington, WA where your pooch to stay while you’re away, Pampered Pets Resort would love to have him as a guest. He’ll have a private suite, unlimited playtime and access to indoor and outdoor play areas all day long. We’ll match him up with a playgroup of like-minded canines, and our professional staff will always be on hand to supervise and give out treats and belly rubs. Drop in anytime for a tour or call 360-653-6145 to book a stay.

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