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Arlington, WA Dog Daycares Recommend Dog Training Refresher Courses

Attending dog training class with your favorite canine is an excellent bonding experience. Plus, you end up learning as much as the dogs. Much of the time, people look at dog training the way they do school for humans—once you pass, you don’t need to go back. However, staff at Arlington, WA dog daycares can attest that many pooches could benefit from taking a refresher course, and some may need it sooner and more often than others.

Basic Training

Some people expect their dogs to come home from Arlington, WA dog daycare fully trained and well behaved, but most don’t offer training services unless expressly specified. You’ll need to enroll your dog and yourself in a training course but, wherever you and your best friend attend a basic obedience class, the same skills are usually taught in most of them. They’re considered good citizenship classes for dogs, and they teach things such as coming when called, not jumping on people or other dogs, no pulling on the leash during walkies, and they offer help with socializing canines with new dogs, people, and places. Pooches also learn a few tricks in these courses, handy ones like sit, stay, shake hands, lie down, and sometimes play dead and roll over are included, too.

What Dogs Need a Refresher?

Rescue dogs are awesome, and many make terrific companions, but they are at the top of the list for dogs who need a refresher training course, according to DogTime. You never really know what kind of training, if any, they received from a previous home, so it’s best to get a rescue dog into training before enrolling him in Arlington, WA dog daycare.

Even if you’ve had your pooch since puppyhood and took him to puppy kindergarten yourself, he could still need a training refresher periodically. The DailyPuppy says that’s especially so if you experienced any training challenges the first time around or continue to run into the same obedience problems over and over. Also, certain breeds take to training less readily than others. Scent dogs—bassets and beagles, for example—have a reputation for being more difficult to train, and are candidates for continuing education.

Every dog of the same breed can be different, however, so it’s best to judge whether to take your best friend back to training based on his own personality. Even if he did well the first time around and has retained everything he learned, it could be fun to participate in a few extra classes now and then anyway. WebMD points out that attending dog training is a terrific opportunity to bond with your pooch plus, the more you go to classes, the better you’ll both be as a team.

Although we don’t offer training courses at Pampered Pets Resort, our professional staff is experienced in the obedience game. You should be able to count on your Arlington, WA dog daycare to reinforce good behavior and good habits, and that’s one of the things we do best. Our guests have access to indoor and outdoor play areas all day long, but they are always supervised to ensure that, even during playtime, everyone acts appropriately while having fun. Come see what a day at our doggie daycare is like. Drop in anytime for a tour or call 360-653-6145 to schedule a playdate—your best friend will love it!

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