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Popular Dog Names At Arlington, WA Dog Boarding

One of the first things most new dog parents do is give their fur baby a name but many times, picking the perfect moniker can be difficult. You might have fallen in love with the idea of naming your new American bulldog “Dominic” but, after he comes home and you get to know him a bit better, “Scooter” might fit him better. Sometimes a dog names him or herself. For example, Moxie is a fitting name for a little spitfire who thinks she runs the place. There are times, too, when prospective pet parents have no idea what they’ll name their bundle of joy. That can lead to weeks and weeks of calling a dog “Baby,” and the poor pup starting to believe that is his name.

The American Kennel Club says that names for dogs fluctuate in popularity just like baby names do, so you might try perusing a few current lists to see if any names jump out at you or seem to fit your canine. It’s always a good idea to try to be original, though. There may be several “Gizmos,” “Teddies,” and “Stellas” at Arlington, WA dog boarding facilities, and you want your special little one to have a name that doesn’t blend in with the crowd.

Do Dogs Even Know Their Names?

Some “experts” argue whether dogs can even understand their names in the way humans do. The case they make is that dogs don’t typically pass the test of recognizing themselves in mirrors, so they assume that dogs can’t have a concept of self and, therefore, cannot claim or relate to the names we give them. However, more of those experts are beginning to recognize that it’s possible that dogs do understand that they are separate, individual parts of the world, and so can use that understanding of self to relate to a name as their own. At least science is starting to catch up with what dog parents have known for centuries.

Naming Your Pooch

PetMD points out that a dog’s name is the key to communication between his human family and him. The advice is to avoid names that sound too much like a command (“Bo” and “no,” for instance), one that rhymes with the name of someone else in the house, or names that are more than two or three syllables. Of course, when your dog goes to Arlington, WA dog boarding, there’s no telling whether his name will be similar to one of the staff members’ names or the names of his canine playmates, but at least choosing something that isn’t easily mistaken for a common command will reduce the chances of confusion when he’s away from home.

Popular Dog Names

Pop culture plays a big part in which dog names rise to the top of the popularity list. People often name their dogs for favorite athletes, famous musicians, or characters in television shows and movies. Two of the most popular names at Arlington, WA dog boarding kennels are Sadie and Max, though other names such as Buddy, Joey, Cooper and Riley are common, too. If you’re having a tough time coming up with just the right title, and your new best friend hasn’t given you a clue what he prefers to be called, the AKC has some suggestions for unusual names that are unique without being over-used including Alfred, Daphne, Elliot, Millie, and Watson.

When you’re looking for an Arlington, WA dog boarding facility that will treat you best friend as special as he is, Pampered Pets Resort is the place. We welcome all canine clients of any name and give every one of them equal amounts of attention, affection, and care. Bring your best friend and drop in anytime to book a stay at the place where pampering is our profession.

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