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Quality Dog Day Cares In Arlington, WA Are Healthy Places For Dogs With Asthma

Dogs often have health issues similar to ones that plague humans. Asthma in dogs is just one example. The symptoms of asthma in dogs are very much the same as they are for anyone else, and the condition can be just as dangerous for them too. The good news is that your pooch won't have to stay home from dog day care if his breathing problems are asthma-related. Top dog daycares in Arlington, WA take measures to ensure your best friend is staying and playing in a healthy environment.

Dog Asthma Symptoms

Asthma in dogs can sometimes be mistaken for allergies, as many of the symptoms are similar. The signs of asthma, however, are more breathing-centered, such as:

  • wheezing and coughing

  • shortness of breath and shallow breathing

  • open-mouth breathing

  • exercise intolerance

The staff at your dog daycare in Arlington, WA is a useful resource, especially if you are a working pet parent. They will alert you if they see any of these signs, and will probably be the best ones to notice an issue with shortness of breath associated with playtime. says a runny nose is another symptom that can accompany dog asthma, and you might notice that your dog's appetite has diminished. Check the color of his gums and tongue. If they are grey, blue, or purple rather than a healthy pink color, take him to the vet ASAP, as that is evidence that he's not getting enough oxygen. Whether or not any of these issues turns out to be asthma, it's always best to consult your veterinarian when your fur baby isn't acting normal.

Causes Of Asthma In Dogs

Asthma in dogs can sometimes be mistaken for allergies because, on top of the symptoms being the same, many of the triggers are the same too. Anything that causes the airways to swell and constrict can bring on an asthma attack, things such as:

  • pollen or grass

  • smoke, smog, air pollution

  • household chemicals

  • dust

  • aerosol sprays

  • dander from new or unfamiliar animals

Did you catch that last one? It's amazing but, yes, dander, even from other dogs, can trigger an attack for a dog with asthma.

Treating Dog Asthma

Asthma can be difficult to diagnose, so vets typically run a few different tests to rule out other conditions and pinpoint that the issue really is asthma. It's helpful for you to be able to provide as much information as possible such as the type of noise your dog makes when he coughs and whether the symptoms coincided with any changes to your home environment.

According to Dr. Mercola, epinephrine is what vets usually use to treat a dog actively having an asthma attack, along with giving him some oxygen. There are a number of medications the doctor may prescribe for your dog for general treatment of the condition, such as a steroid inhaler specially designed for animals or a bronchodilator. There are also many homeopathic remedies available, and even acupuncture has been shown to improve asthma symptoms in some dogs.

Preventing Asthma Attacks For Your Dog

A study published by the University of California San Francisco found that dogs can help prevent asthma in humans, but how can humans help prevent asthma in dogs? Some of the common advice includes reducing allergens and triggers in your home environment. That could mean giving up smoking, switching from any type of aerosol spray to a pump spray, using natural cleaners instead of chemical-based ones, feed your dog an anti-inflammatory food, and put him on a diet if he's overweight. Frequent cleaning and keeping the air quality healthy is a must, too. If your pooch attends a quality dog day care in Arlington, WA the good news is that the play areas are cleaned regularly, and the indoor areas are well ventilated, but you might have the staff keep him indoors during pollen season.

At Pampered Pets Resort, we make it a priority to keep a clean, healthy environment for all our canine clients. Plus, with a low dog to staff ratio, your dog will get plenty of individualized attention. Bring your best friend and drop in for a tour and you'll see why we're the dog day care in Arlington, WA pooches prefer.

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