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Arlington, WA Dog Daycare Recommendations For First Aid Kits

The best Arlington, WA dog daycares are more than fun places for your best friend to spend time when you can't be with them. They're also valuable resources for expert information and useful advice, such as how to put together first aid kits for dogs. The professionals at your favorite Arlington, WA dog daycare have experience with the kinds of medical emergencies you might face at home and know what supplies will be invaluable in a variety of situations.

Information To Include

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that information should be the first thing you include in your dog's first aid kit. If an emergency strikes, you'll be relieved to have all the essential phone numbers in one easily accessible place. Make up a card that has your vet's name, address, and phone number on it along with the same information for the local emergency clinic, if your city has one. More often than not, pet medical emergencies happen in the evening or on the weekends and not during regular business hours, so having that number on hand could end up being a life saver. Also, put the Animal Poison Control Center's number (888-4ANI-HELP) on your reference card, as well, and laminate it to ensure the numbers are legible if and when you need them.

First Aid Basics

The basics Arlington, WA dog daycares recommend placing in dog first aid gear are many of the same items you have in your own kit. Stock up on things such as

  • gauze rolls and absorbent pads

  • self-adherent tape

  • hydrogen peroxide

  • eye dropper and a syringe (no needle)

  • Pepto Bismol

  • milk of magnesia and/or activated charcoal

  • Benadryl

  • corn syrup

  • styptic powder

  • rubbing alcohol

Your vet can give you dosing advice beforehand for the medications such as the milk of magnesia, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl, and hydrogen peroxide, and you can include it somewhere on your emergency numbers card in the kit. Additionally, the Humane Society says it's always a good idea to keep a pet first aid book with your dog first aid supplies, and the most comprehensive ones list safe over the counter medications for dogs and cats along with dosing amounts based on pets' weights.

Poison Prevention and Treatment

According to Preventive Vet, the Animal Poison Control Center received over 165,000 calls related to toxic and poisoning incidents in 2010 alone. Those incidents were due to pets getting into everything from over the counter and prescription medications, insecticides and rodent poisons, household chemicals and cleaners, just to name a few. That makes it essential for your dog's first aid kit to include specific items for addressing poison prevention. The ASPC Pro website has an informative video that lists the extras you should include in a first aid kit for dogs such as canned food, saline eye solution, a turkey baster, rubber gloves, and liquid dish soap. Not all poisoning cases involve digesting toxic substances; sometimes a pet will get something poisonous on his fur or paws or in his eyes, so these additional supplies can help clean your dog up safely if that occurs.

Pampered Pets Resort is the Arlington, WA dog daycare that offers a safe and supervised environment for our furry clients. You won't have to worry about your dog getting into a dangerous situation when you leave your him in our care. Plus, he won't be alone if a medical emergency arises. Your best friend's health, comfort, and safety is top priority with our expertly trained staff. Drop by anytime for a tour or call to schedule a day of play for your dog. 360-653-6145

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