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Dog Boarding in Arlington, WA is One Resource In an Emergency

Each year, the second Saturday in May is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. In dedicating an official day to the issue, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) encourages pet parents to ensure everyone in their family is prepared for disaster. Reliable facilities for dog boarding in Arlington, WA are already prepared if an emergency situation arises, so they are terrific resources to offer advice for making sure your furry family stays safe and will remain cared for no matter what happens.

Emergency Kit for Your Dog

Most people who are mindful of being prepared for emergencies have assembled an emergency kit to ensure they don't have to go without necessities if the worst happens. It's only logical for pet parents to expand their kit to include essentials for their best friends. According to the Red Cross, you should include things such as:

  • enough canned and dry food as well as bottled water to last a week

  • separate dishes for food and water plus a manual can opener

  • moist pet wipes

  • medical records, medications, and a pet first aid kit

  • durable harnesses and leashes

  • secure pet carriers

  • liquid dish soap

  • blankets and/or pet bed

  • piddle pads and/or newspapers

  • a few rolls of select-a-size paper towels

  • small roll of garbage bags

The kit should also have current pictures of your dog and written instructions on feeding and medication along with the names, numbers, and addresses of your veterinarian clinic and the place you prefer for dog boarding in Arlington, WA. Keep the emergency kit for your dog in its own case, in a duffel bag or back pack for instance, right next to your own emergency preparedness kit.

Have a Plan for Shelter

Most experts and professionals strongly warn against leaving your dog at home if you have to evacuate, so you'll want to plan ahead to provide shelter for your pooch in case of emergency. recommends finding kennels ahead of time for dog boarding in Arlington, WA and the surrounding area so you have some options if you are unable to find shelter for yourself that will allow you to bring your dog with you. A kennel you already know and trust or even your vet are the preferred options over having to take your fur baby to an animal shelter. It's a good idea to also make arrangements with a friend, neighbor, or family member to be a backup caregiver if you're not at home or unable to get home when disaster strikes. Make sure to choose a person your dog knows and trusts and that they know where your dog's emergency kit is.

Take Some Precautions

Many people already have an emergency sticker by their front door that lets rescue workers know what kind of pets and how many of each live with you. If you don't already have one, it's essential to being prepared that you get one and update it as the size of your furry family changes. If you are ever in a situation where you are able to get your dog and other pets out of the house, be sure to write the word "EVACUATED" across the sticker so workers don't waste time trying to find pets that are already safe.

The ASPCA has created a mobile app to help you in a disaster situation. Once downloaded, you can enter your dog's health information, access advice on keeping pets safe in an emergency, and much more.

Pampered Pets Resort is the place for dog boarding in Arlington, WA where pets feel safe no matter what's going on. Our canine clients are the number-one priority every day, and we take pride in how comfortable and happy they are in our clean and spacious facility. We have an open door policy so drop in any time to see why dogs love staying at Pampered Pets Resort.

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