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Doggie Easter Ideas From Arlington, WA Dog Daycare

Top Arlington, WA dog daycares know that dogs love a good hunt-and-find game, and there's no treasure hunt game more fun than the original: an Easter egg hunt. Your fur baby will enjoy the excitement of searching for colorful, treat-filled eggs just as much as human kids do, and planning a dog Easter egg hunt is similar to preparing a traditional one. There are only a few extra precautions to take, but it will be worth it when you see the smile on that furry face.

Careful With the Eggs

You can use the plastic eggs for your dog's egg-hunt that are sold in grocery and variety stores everywhere but don't cheap out and buy the flimsy ones, as your pooch could break them and possibly swallow the sharp pieces in his excitement. Opt for the sturdiest eggs you can find or, if you're concerned about plastic eggs withstanding your canine's choppers, Fidose of Reality suggests using little cardboard gift boxes instead. Those are a good choice anyway because your dog will easily be able to smell the tasty treat inside. If you do go with plastic eggs, Victoria Stillwell recommends poking a hole in the ends of the eggs so the delectable aroma of the treats inside can escape.

Easter Egg Treat Tips

Once you have an assortment of boxes or eggs, you'll need to fill them up. You may want to use your pup's favorite treats, but Embrace Pet Insurance reminds pet parents that treats shouldn't exceed a dog's maximum caloric intake for the day. That means you should only put a small piece of a treat in each egg. Alternatively, you can divide your dog's breakfast kibble up, putting a piece or two into the eggs. He'll have fun hunting for each delicious mouthful and won't overeat.

Egg Hiding Strategy

It won't take long for your pooch to get the gist of the game, but you'll want to hide a few eggs in easy-to-find spots to get him started. Short grass and flat surfaces are ideal places for the first couple of eggs, then you can hide a few behind trees, under bushes, or in taller grass. If the weather is nasty or you don't have a yard, you can still stage an indoor Easter egg hunt for your dog. Searching for eggs around the house or apartment will be just as fun. Save one egg to show your dog at the beginning of the hunt to show him what he's looking for.

More Easter Fun

Easter for dogs doesn't have to stop with an egg hunt. The everything-canine website has some adorable ideas for filling an Easter basket for your pooch. Start with a cute basket and fill it with things like organic gourmet dog cookies cut in egg or rabbit shapes, a doggie t-shirt in a pastel color, rabbit-ear bows for his next visit to the groomer, and bunny, chicken, or egg-shaped plush squeaky toys.

Another terrific gift idea for any dog's Easter basket is a day at a top Arlington, WA dog daycare such as Pampered Pets Resort. Our professional staff are experts at canine play and can keep the games going long past the Easter holiday. Bring your best friend and drop in any time for a tour of our facility or call 360-653-6145 to schedule a day of fun at the Arlington, WA dog daycare dogs love: Pampered Pets Resort.

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