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5 Things Dogs Love About Everett, WA Dog Boarding

Worried about whether your best friend will mind staying at a kennel if you have to go out of town? When you pick the right Everett, WA dog boarding facility, your best friend will look forward to the experience. The best accommodations for dogs are more like resorts than old-school kennels. They offer loads of amenities that dogs appreciate, giving them plenty of reasons to love dog boarding in Everett, WA.

1. Clean, Comfortable Accommodations

Top dog boarding facilities don't just lock their canine clients in a cage or indoor dog run. Instead, five-star kennels provide each pooch with an individual suite where he can take meals privately and in peace, as well as relax and get a good night's sleep feeling safe and unchallenged. Professional staff cleans the suites daily, including laundering bedding so that the suites remain clean and comfortable throughout your dog's stay.

2. Dog-Loving Staff

"Must Love Dogs" is a prerequisite for Everett, WA dog boarding staff, and it is one of the elements that influence dogs to keep coming back. They get to make friends with humans who understand and enjoy spending time with them. The best boarding facilities take pains to hire employees who enjoy tossing a ball for endless games of fetch, participating in chasing games, and doling out all the belly rubs and ear scratches any dog could want. As Cesar Milan points out, dogs love giving and receiving affection, so it's important to leave your pooch with people who have the time and the tendency to play with and lavish affectionate attention on him.

3. Fun With Friends

In addition to being affectionate, dogs are social animals, too. According to Canidae, it's vital to provide dogs with opportunities to make friends. The good news is that more and more kennels are opening their doors to daycare clients during the day, providing their boarding clients with a variety of friends to play with. Each morning, the overnight guests are given access to indoor and outdoor play areas to await the dogs who are coming just for the day. The professional staff are experts in matching up dogs of similar temperament into customized play groups, and many dogs end up making life-long friends whom they enjoy seeing again and again when visiting the Everett, WA dog boarding facilities they love the most.

4. Play, Play, Play

According to Vet Street, exercise isn't just a luxury for dogs--it's a necessity for both their mental and physical health. Dogs favor the pet resorts that allow them access to play areas all day long, so they can get all the exercise to their hearts' content. The best resorts are abundantly equipped with toys and balls as well as play equipment they can climb on, jump over, and crawl under and, in areas that see hot summers, dogs really love the boarding facilities that provide a pool to splash around in for some cool summer fun.

5. Tasty Treats

Quality kennels understand the importance you place on good nutrition for your best friend as well as the importance your best friend places on treats. That's why the best dog boarding facilities feed their guests high-quality grain-free food, but also allow you to send Snooky's favorite food and treats if he tends to be picky. No matter how finicky they are, though, most dogs look forward to treat time at their favorite dog boarding facility, when the staff hands out gourmet dog cookies all around.

At Pampered Pets Resort, dogs are our business and pampering is our profession. That's why we're the favorite Everett, WA dog boarding facility of the most discerning canines and their humans. Bring your best friend in for a visit anytime or call to book a stay--360-653-6145

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