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Dog Boarding in Everett, WA: Packing Your Doggy's Bag

Packing a bag for yourself when you're away from home is easy, but it's just as easy to forget to include all your dog's necessities when you board him. That's not necessarily a disaster, because many facilities for dog boarding in Everett, WA have almost everything a doggy could want on hand. Most supply the food and treats, and the best ones offer cozy beds and comfy bedding to snuggle up in. Even when the kennel is all-inclusive, your dog can still bring a few things from home.

Pack a Lunch

It's nice and convenient when the boarding kennel provides food and treats for their clients, but abruptly switching food can cause an upset stomach for pooches who have extra-sensitive tummies, according to The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats. If your dog can usually eat anything without so much as a hiccup and the kennel offers meals, don't worry about bringing along food. If he doesn't tolerate a change in food well, then send enough food for his stay plus a little extra. Some pups are so particular that they won't eat just any treat, either, so if your canine is finicky, you should pack a supply of his special treats, too.

Meds and Supplements

Put any medications or health supplements your dog takes into a re-sealable baggie. Write out the dosage amounts and times of day that he needs to take them on an index card with his name on it and slip it inside the bag with the meds. Include whether they need to be taken with food or not, as well as how you typically administer the medication. For example, do you hide your dog's pills in a treat pocket or roll them in a ball of soft bread? Or maybe his liquid medication needs to be mixed into a serving of canned food. Let the dog boarding staff know what works to successfully get your dog to take his medicine.

Bring Some Toys

The best facilities for dog boarding in Everett, WA provide tons of equipment and toys for canine clients to play on and with. Still, your dog will probably feel more at home if he has a couple of his favorite toys with him at the kennel. Send along cuddle toys or ones he likes to chew on when he's relaxing during quiet time, as the staff will likely only give them to him when he's resting. Playthings could easily get lost if dogs were allowed to carry them to the main play areas.

Comfort Items

Having things that remind your fur baby of home when he's boarding will make him feel more comfortable while you're away, according to the Daily Treat. Toys can do the trick, but you could also pack your dog's favorite blanket or even one of your t-shirts for him to snuggle with.

Give Instructions

Last but far from least of the things you should pack for dog boarding in Everett, WA is a list of instructions. The staff will need to know things like food portions, medical conditions, allergies, your vet's number, and contact information for you while you're away. Include any special instructions and remember to bring your dog's vaccination records, too. Also, Babble reminds pet parents to make sure your dog's tags are up to date before checking him in for a stay at the boarding facility.

The best dog boarding in Everett, WA is more than a home away from home. It's more like a five-star hotel stay for canines. At Pampered Pets Resort, we go out of our way to make sure all our guests are comfortable and have a great time while their humans are away. Drop in for a tour anytime or call 360-653-6145 to book a stay for your furry friend.

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