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Dog Boarding in Marysville, WA: Do Your Homework

It isn't always possible to take your best friend along when you travel. Dog boarding in Marysville, WA is a great alternative to leaving him home or in the care of a friend or neighbor. It's not enough to have a doggie door and a perpetual feeder. A dog left alone and unsupervised for extended periods of time can develop separation anxiety or become destructive. Plus, if he injures himself, no one will be there to help. Friends and family mean well when offering to care for your dog, but they have their own lives and schedules. Trying to adjust to someone else's lifestyle can be just as upsetting to your pooch as being left on his own.

The professional staff at Marysville, WA dog boarding facilities spend their entire days looking after dogs. It's their job to make sure their guests are fed, supervised, and well cared for. There's more to choosing which one is right for your fur baby than comparing prices or picking the one that is closest to your house. You need to do some research to ensure the lodgings you choose have all the elements to keep Sparky safe and make him feel at home.

Do Your Homework

WebMD says asking your friends or your dog's veterinarian is a good way to find facilities that specialize in dog boarding in Marysville, WA. Alternatively, you could go through the phonebook or Internet listings. Most facilities don't publish their pricing in Yellow Pages ads or even on their websites, but you will learn which dog care facilities are in your area and you'll get phone numbers, too. When you call, ask questions such as whether you can bring your dog's food, what his days will be like, whether he'll have private sleeping quarters, what the rates are, and how they're structured. Cross the ones off your list that don't have the answers you're looking for.

You should never book your dog into a dog boarding facility without seeing it first, so one final question to ask is whether you and your dog can come tour the facility before you book a stay. Most facilities for dog boarding in Marysville, WA welcome visitors, but ones that require you make an appointment should be dropped from your list. If they don't have an open door policy that allows you to drop in any time, chances are they'll get the place all spruced up for you instead of letting you see what it's like at any hour of the day.

Take a Tour

Touring the facilities for dog boarding in Marysville, WA gives you a look at how your best friend will spend his time while you're away. The AKC advises that you rely on all your senses on your visit to places you're considering. Take note of the cleanliness level--not only how clean it looks, but also how clean it smells, and ask about the frequency of the cleaning schedule. Ask to see the sleeping quarters as well as the play rooms and outdoor areas. Notice how secure all the accommodations are, so you won't be worried about your dog breaking out.

References and Reviews

Before you make a reservation, ask the boarding staff for references, but don't stop there. The references will come from clients who use the facility frequently, so you'll naturally hear good things from them. Take a look at reviews, too. People are happy to share their good and bad experiences online, so you'll see whether those references accurately reflect the feelings of a larger majority.

When it comes to dog boarding in Marysville, WA, Pampered Pets Resort routinely gets good reviews from canine clients and their humans. Dogs love the supervised free-roaming access to indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as the unlimited playtime and ultra-clean, private overnight quarters. Plus, our open door policy means you can drop in without an appointment to see how we roll. Give us a call at 360-653-3145 or drop in anytime!

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