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Cage Free Dog Boarding in Marysville WA

Boarding a dog is a great option when your best friend cannot accompany you on your travels. The top dog boarding kennels in Marysville, WA are staffed with professionals who make it a priority to keep your pooch safe, comfortable, and entertained while you're away. They'll do a better job of it all than well-meaning but untrained relatives and neighbors, so you won't have to worry about Mitzi while you're on the road.

If you have already started looking for large or small dog boarding in Marysville, WA you've probably noticed that you have many more choices now than ever before. Boarding a dog these days is more like sending her to a five-star resort, according to, which points out that modern dog boarding facilities offer private quarters to guests as well as personalized and group play. Plus, many facilities now offer cage free dog boarding instead of keeping them kenneled for the duration of their stay. It may be comforting to picture your pup playing and frolicking with friends while you're away, but entirely cage free dog boarding isn't an optimal choice.

The Pros of Partial Cage Free Dog Boarding in Marysville WA

It used to be that dogs who were boarded at kennels overnight or longer were kept in kennel areas surrounded by chain link. Sure, each enclosure usually had its own dog run outdoors or, at the very least, active time was scheduled so canine guests could get some exercise, but it was still difficult for pet parents to leave their darlings locked up in a cage. When doggy daycares arrived on the scene, it made perfect sense to merge that concept with traditional dog boarding to give dogs a safe and enjoyable place to stay when their humans can't be home with them. Instead of whiling (and sometimes whining) away boring hours in a cage waiting for your return, Mitzi can spend her days roaming the secure facility and grounds and playing with dogs of similar temperament.

Avoid Boarding a Dog at Completely Cage Free Kennels

Some dog boarding kennels in Marysville, WA proudly advertise the fact that they never kennel their clients, but they're really not doing your dog or you any favors. While interaction and plenty of playtime are essential, dogs need some downtime to rest and relax. The best Marysville, WA dog boarding facilities place canine clients in private rooms for the night. PetMD explains that having personal space for sleeping is safer for the dogs. When they feel safe and unchallenged, they can sleep through the night and will be fresh, good-tempered, and ready to play again in the morning.

Looking for the perfect combination of dog daycare and large or small dog boarding in Marysville, WA? Pampered Pets Resort fits the bill. We open our doors to dogs of all sizes every day while pet parents are working or busy, but we also have comfortable accommodations for dogs who need to stay overnight or longer. During the day, they get to join the fun with a playgroup. Then the overnight guests retire to private sleeping quarters to rest up for more fun the following day. And, of course, the professional staff provides all the pets and belly rubs the clients want. Come take a tour and book your best friend a stay at Pampered Pets Resort. 360-653-6145

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