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Does Your Lake Stevens, WA Dog Daycare Have an Open Door Policy?

It's important to take your time looking for the right dog daycare in Lake Stevens, WA. Finding the ideal place for your pooch to play all day while you're not at home is a serious task. Naturally, you'll want to tour different facilities before making a decision, and you should make more than one visit to the dog daycare's you're considering. Some pet-care centers don't have an open door policy, but dropping in unannounced on the place where your best friend will spend her days will give you an accurate idea of whether or not it's a good fit for you both.

The Importance of an Open Door Policy

You should never make an appointment to tour dog daycares you're interested in, according to Embrace Pet Insurance. The best Lake Stevens, WA dog daycares have an open door policy, welcoming potential and existing clients any time and will proudly lead you through a tour of their facility whenever you show up. Any dog daycare can prepare for a scheduled visit, but the one you want to take care of your darling canine is the one that looks and smells clean when you drop in unexpectedly. Pet care centers that have an open door policy won't bring in extra help just for the hour or two you're scheduled to be there. Instead, you'll get to experience the facility as it is run every day, so you'll have an accurate picture.

What You'll Look for in a Lake Stevens, WA Dog Daycare

When you drop in on a quality dog daycare in Lake Stevens, WA, you'll be able to see the how the clients are treated while the owners are away, and will know what the true staff-to-canine client ratio is. While you're there, take note of the smell and overall appearance and cleanliness of the indoor and outdoor areas, as well as the cleanliness and availability of necessities such as water dishes and napping spots. Another detail to pay attention to outside is the fence. It should be at least 6 to 7 feet tall and should be in good condition.

Nothing to Hide

The first time you visit a Lake Stevens, WA dog daycare, ask for the daily schedule so you can time subsequent visits to coincide with meal times, play times, and rest times. Dropping by at different times will give you a more complete picture of how things are done at the facility. Bring your dog along on more than one visit so she can get a feel for the place, too, and you can see how she reacts to being there. An open door policy is vital for helping you make your decision about a doggy daycare, but Pet Guide recommends you ask the staff about their policy for preventing strangers from coming in to collect dogs that aren't theirs. You want to make sure an "open door" doesn't mean "poorly supervised."

Pampered Pets Resort is one of the few Lake Stevens, WA dog daycares that has an open door policy, and we welcome the opportunity to show you and your pooch around. Drop in any time. We don't need any warning to spiff the place up. Whenever you come in, you'll find a clean, sanitary facility that is also safe and secure--and you'll also see the canine clients who are happy to come and play every day. Call for our hours, or call for directions, but feel free to drop in any time at the Pampered Pets Resort. 360-653-3145

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