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Why Quality Over Quantity is Essential for Dog Daycares in Lake Stevens WA

Some dog day cares in Lake Stevens, WA offer tons of activities, toys, and equipment to keep dogs occupied. While that may look great on the surface, sometimes a plethora of play equipment is there to mask a high dog to staff ratio. That strategy can work initially because prospective clients tour the facility and are distracted by all the fun their fur baby could potentially have. However, the best dog day cares in Lake Stevens, WA offer a quality experience over taking in as many clients as they can.

What Works in the Classroom

Your dog is essentially your canine child, so it's not a stretch to consider how educational professionals recommend classrooms be structured and apply that to dog day care in Lake Stevens, WA. Low student to teacher ratios are preferred because students flourish in an environment where they don't have to compete for attention. The same is true for dogs, and that's why professional trainers such as Irith Bloom and Karen Pryor keep classes small when they're training dogs. The concept applies to all types of training, and the effectiveness of low dog to staff ratios carries over to all areas of your dog's life including where he attends day care.

Personalized Attention

The Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences places high priority on keeping a low student to teacher ratio because it allows the teachers to tailor their interactions with students. The same goes for dog day cares in Lake Stevens, WA that limit the number of canine clients. With fewer dogs to deal with, staff can get to know the pooches who come to play personally and can give them the attention they need. Some dogs want to spend hours playing fetch or hide-and-seek with toys. Others are cuddle-bunnies who would rather be on the receiving end of ear massages and belly rubs. A doggy day care whose staff isn't outnumbered 50 to 1 will recognize who needs what and will have the time to give it to them.

Smaller Groups Are More Manageable

Just like a large group of kids can easily get out of hand, so can a large group of dogs. Small class sizes are typically recommended because they're more manageable. At a pet day care center that limits the number of clients, the staff will have time to get to know your dog and give him the individualized attention he deserves because they won't be spending all their time managing the entire pack and trying to keep them under control. Smaller doggy-to-staff ratios allow the day care personnel to use their time more efficiently and for the best interests of the clients.

Pampered Pets Resort is one of the elite few dog day cares in Lake Stevens, WA that believes in quality over quantity. We keep the number of guests low so we can always be hands-on. The staff at Pampered Pets Resort gets to know all the dogs who come to play and who come to stay, and we know what is going on with them at all times. If you've considered a doggy day care that routinely takes up to 50 dogs or more at a time, remember that they can't offer your pooch the personalized attention and care that he'll get in a limited number environment. Come see for yourself. Bring your best friend and drop in anytime for a tour of Pampered Pets Resort--the day care where your dog will get the quality care he deserves. 360-653-6145

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