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The Importance of Cleanliness at Stanwood, WA Dog Day Cares

When you are choosing a Stanwood, WA dog day care for your best friend, a clean facility should be a top priority. Actually, professional dog trainer and behavior expert Joyce D. Kesling says it should be the most important factor you consider. Cleanliness extends beyond spotless walls and windows free of puppy nose prints. A truly clean dog day care in Stanwood, WA is a sanitary one, so you won't have to bathe your fur baby when she comes home from day care, nor will you have to worry about disease.

A Sanitary Environment

The best Stanwood, WA dog day cares require proof of vaccinations from clients, which helps ensure that illness doesn't run rampant throughout the facility. However, hearty contagious illnesses that can live for lengthy amounts of time in soil or on surfaces such as concrete, diseases like canine hepatitis and parvovirus, can be tracked from location to location on shoes, other clothing, and even human skin. That's why top dog day cares in Stanwood, WA also cleaned frequently and thoroughly. That means repeated poop-patrol out in the play yard with a plan for disposing of it adequately.

Indoors, lounging and play areas should also be kept clean of feces and urine. Leading dog day cares follow protocols similar to the ones outlined by Animal Care Technologies, which recommends that walls and floors should be wiped down and/or mopped routinely throughout the day using a disinfectant solution, and the areas are allowed to thoroughly dry before canine clients come back in. The inside areas should be well-ventilated and swept or vacuumed regularly to enhance air quality and control inevitable shedding. Also, blankets and bedding should be changed and laundered at least daily.

The Smell Test

Maybe it is not surprising to be hit with the unmistakable odor of "dog" when you enter a pet day care, but even if the scent doesn't include urine or feces, it's still another element that can be controlled. The highest rated Stanwood, WA dog day cares make it a priority to not only look clean but smell clean, too. While some dog-care centers try to control the odor issue by installing air-freshening pumps that spritz a lemon scent into the air every few minutes, the better dog day cares use disinfectants to keep the place clean and sanitary. There is no way to fake the fragrance of an effective sanitizing cleaner, and it eliminates the odors at their unhygienic sources rather than simply covering them up.

If you are looking for a really clean dog day care in Stanwood, WA, bring your pooch to Pampered Pets Resort. Providing a clean, sanitary environment for canine clients is top priority, and cleaning and hygiene are actually part and parcel of the policy. The skilled and caring staff routinely wash, scrub, vacuum, and launder throughout the day to provide an environment for your best friend that is as healthy as it is comfortable. Drop in for a tour. You'll see--and smell--why other dog parents in Stanwood, WA say they've never seen a doggy day care as clean as Pampered Pets Resort.

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