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Exercise to Fight Obesity at Everett, WA Dog Day Cares

There are a few dog breeds that are more prone than others to become obese, according to the Active Times however, any dog can develop a weight problem if she's eating more calories than she's burning. It's easy for busy pet parents to forget to do their own workouts, let alone make sure the furry members of the family exercise. A pooch can develop a paunch if she's left home alone all day with no interaction until the evening. The solution may be as easy as finding an Everett, WA dog day care for her to spend time at.

Is Dog Obesity an Epidemic?

As humans' lives have become more sedentary, so have the lives of their pets. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reveals that an estimated 54 percent of U.S. canines are obese or overweight. More than one factor is at play turning dogs into tubby puppies. First, there's diet. Even if you feed your dog a quality brand of food, sneaking extra snacks to her--especially if it's table food or other human fare--will make her pack on the pounds.

The other issue is the lack of exercise. Dog bodies were designed for almost constant activity. Ancestors of today's canines usually had to put some serious work into obtaining a meal. Modern dogs spend most of their time snoozing or lounging around waiting for their humans to come home--even if they have access to a large fenced yard. Then, when the family does arrive home, Stella gets dinner served to her in her own dish, and everyone retires to the family room to play on the computer or watch TV--and more lounging ensues.

Solutions Found at Everett, WA, Dog Day Care

Getting a handle on weight before it becomes a problem is one of the best things you can do for your best friend. If you don't, she could end up fighting other health issues including:

  • diabetes

  • high blood pressure

  • heart problems

  • respiratory issues

  • joint and other orthopedic problems

  • reduced life span

Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital lists daily exercise as the number one weight loss tip for dogs. You might think you can take care of the problem yourself by committing to exercising your dog on a regular basis, but there are two problems with that solution. First, a busy schedule can easily infringe on the best-laid plans, and exercise is one of the easiest things to scratch off your schedule. Second, any exercise is better than none at all, but WebMD says that dogs should get 10 to 15 minutes of physical activity several times throughout the day, rather than one, concentrated bout of exercise.

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