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Dog Daycare in Everett, WA, Can Be Good For Separation Anxiety

To the world, your best friend might be "just" a dog, but to your dog, you're the world.

There's truth to that adage, and it's why some dogs can't stand to be separated from their humans. Separation anxiety is a clinical condition that affects as many as 20 percent of dogs in the U.S., according to Medical Daily. While some dogs may exhibit destructive behaviors when left alone, much of that can be attributed to boredom. However, an unfortunate handful of canines become nervous and fretful to the point of becoming destructive or even ill if they're left behind during the day while you go to work or school.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Different dogs display separation anxiety in different ways. According to Pet MD, a canine who misses his human to the point of anxiety might bark or howl, whine, pant, dig, or chew or destroy objects. Some become nervous urinators or relieve themselves in inappropriate places, even if they're perfectly potty trained when you're around. Dogs have been known to stop eating, vomit, and even try to escape and follow their guardians when faced with being left alone. Dealing With Separation Anxiety The Animal Humane Society recommends proper training for puppies to nip separation anxiety problem in the bud. That is not always an option, though, as many people adopt older dogs, and often a pooch's experience in shelters and being passed from home to home can cause or intensify separation anxiety. Whether you're dealing with a puppy or an older dog who exhibits symptoms of separation anxiety, signing him up for dog daycare in Everett, WA is one solution that could take care of the problem immediately. You can also work with your pooch at home over time to try to help him deal with the issue.

Crate training, for example, is useful for helping a dog feel comfortable being left alone, whether you're leaving the room or the house. Get your pooch used to being by himself in his crate, and crate him whenever you leave. Don't make a production of leaving or returning. Emotional hellos and goodbyes can stimulate excitement which can easily turn into anxiety. Give your dog an extra-special treat when you do things like collect your keys and pick up your briefcase or purse, so he associates those actions with something good.

Do Consult a Vet Whenever you have a concern about your best friend, it's good to consult your veterinarian. Some medical problems have symptoms similar to separation anxiety, and those should be ruled out. Plus, if a medical issue really is at the bottom of the behavior, you'll want your dog to be treated properly and as soon as possible. Additionally, vets can often provide valuable advice for treating and dealing with separation anxiety.

How Dog Daycare in Everett, WA, Can Help If your fur baby gets anxious when you leave him at home, dog daycare in Everett, WA, could provide a solution. Dogs who have mild and moderate cases of separation anxiety just need someone around for company or to play with, and they'll get plenty of that at daycare. Sometimes it's the companionship of other dogs that make them feel secure, just as much as having humans on hand to toss a ball or scratch a belly. At Pampered Pets Resort, we've been happy to accommodate clients who suffer from separation anxiety and have seen timid, fretful dogs blossom into the fun loving playful pooches they were meant to be. If your fur baby has been struggling with separation anxiety, a visit to a dog daycare in Everett, WA, could be just what the doctor ordered. Call 360-653-6145 to schedule a tour or just drop in!

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