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Boarding and Dog Day Care in Everett, WA

Kennels have come a long way in recent years. In an effort to make dogs as comfortable as possible when they're away from home, most boarding facilities have become a lot like five-star hotels and resorts. As a result, dog day care in Everett, WA, has developed into an industry of its own. Places that board dogs in style offer their resources and experience to clients who need supervision, exercise, and the company of friends, both two and four-legged, for the day but who don't necessarily need to spend the night. It's invaluable to have access to a quality facility that has mastered caring for canines whenever your best friend needs a place to stay for a day, a night, or even several weeks.

Everett, WA, Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care

There are many similarities between dog boarding and dog day care. The best boarding and dog day cares in Everett, WA, allow all guests indoor and outdoor access throughout the day, so boarding and day care clients get to socialize together. They get to play in expertly coordinated groups of dogs with similar energy levels and temperaments, and there is dog-approved play equipment to climb on, jump over, and tunnel under whenever the mood strikes. Toys abound at these "Rover Resorts" and staff is always on hand to toss the balls and supervise.

Boarding Clients

Dog care centers that specialize in both boarding and dog day care always have plenty of cozy, comfortable places indoors and out for everyone to nap throughout the day, but boarding clients have their own private sleeping and dining suites inside. First thing in the morning, everyone is let out to do their business and greet the other overnight guests in their assigned play groups while breakfast is prepared and sleeping quarters are cleaned. A good dog boarding facility in Everett, WA, will provide food for your dog if you want them to, but will also let you send your pooch's regular food with him if that is your preference, and Web MD recommends you be sure to ask if that's an option before making reservations. After breakfast, day care clients start arriving, and everyone splits off into their designated play groups for a day of fun.

Can't My Dog Board at the Vet?

Many veterinarian clinics offer boarding services. That might seem like a terrific option because your dog will have direct access to a vet if the need arises. However, even if your vet is wonderful and you love the staff at the clinic, keep in mind that their daily medical and surgical clients take priority over boarders. PetMD points out that can mean your dog may not get the care and attention he should if the hospital has a busy day. A facility that focuses on caring for your best friend and giving him plenty of belly rubs, pets, and playtime is the better option. A responsible dog boarding or dog day care in Everett, WA, will ask for your vet's contact information and have it on hand in case of emergency, and will keep your dog's comfort and happiness at the top of the priority list.

Whether you need a place to board your best friend for one night or several, or you're just looking for a place he can play for the day, Pampered Pet Resort would love to have him come for a visit. Our goal is to offer him a place as friendly and inviting as home, and our expert staff is always on hand to ensure your dog is having fun and getting the care he needs. With Pampered Pet Resort, your fur baby will always have a place to stay for a few hours or a few weeks. Bring your dog in for a tour of the facility today to see just how much he'll love it!

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