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Why Top Dog Daycares in Everett, WA Recommend Feeding Grain-Free

With all the conflicting information out there on the best diet for the furry members of your family, it's hard to know who's advice to take when choosing dog food. A wise decision is to find out what the pros recommend and some of the best dog daycares in Everett, WA favor feeding dogs a grain-free diet. Not only have they had first-hand experience in canine nutrition, but there is also clinical research and common sense reasoning to back up going grain-free for your best friend's diet.

Protein Machines It can't be denied that wolves are carnivores, and dogs are the domesticated ancestors of wolves, with research showing that dogs made the evolutionary jump directly from wolves as recently as 15,000 years ago. What's more, Dr. Mercola says your pooch's protein needs increase as he ages. Though your dog might willingly eat a lot of things that are not meat, he was designed to require a high-protein diet for optimal health throughout every stage of his life--as much as 40 percent, according to Dogster.

Food Allergy Issues Food allergies in pets have increased over the years, and grains are among the top offenders when it comes to foods that adversely affect dogs' health. Vet Info says that wheat is a common culprit that can cause gas, diarrhea, breathing problems, vomiting, sneezing, ear infections, and a host of other issues. Corn is the other most common grain to cause health problems for dogs. Dog Food Advisor points out that corn is difficult to digest, and it raises blood sugar, too. Additionally, the lower the quality of the corn used in a dog food, the more likely it is to contain allergens. Corn doesn't really bring anything nutritional to the table for a dog, either. Since two of the most frequently used grains can cause problems and don't benefit your dog, there's more reason to go grain-free.

Benefits of Feeding Grain-Free By Nature Pet Foods reveals that the reason many dog food manufacturers use grains is as filler, to keep the cost of their product down. Your pooch is the one who pays, though, because he won't get the nutrition he needs. Feeding him a quality grain-free food will deliver more nutrition. Also, because of the carbohydrate level in some grains, feeding grain-free can help control your dog's weight, too. Of course, there is the benefit of the possibility of reducing the chance of a food allergy, but Canine Journal lists loads of other benefits including more energy, healthier coat and skin, reduced shedding, better digestion, and less gas. Additionally, because grain-free food delivers closer to optimal nutrition, your dog will feel satiated on smaller portions and will feel fuller, longer.

Pampered Pets Resort is one of the best dog daycares in Everett, WA that firmly believes in grain-free diets for canines. The knowledgeable staff at Pampered Pets Resort has worked with dogs for decades. We've seen the positive results of feeding grain-free and serve both our daycare and boarding clients grain-free foods. If you're interested in more information about grain-free diets for dogs, give us a call or come tour the facility. We'd be happy to show you and your furry friend around and answer any questions you might have.

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