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The Importance of Indoor and Outdoor Access at Arlington, WA, Dog Day Care

When you're comparing one Arlington, WA, dog day care to another, you'll find different levels of indoor and outdoor access. Some are proud to boast that they "let" dogs play outside all day, while others have limited outdoor space and keep canine clients indoors most of the time except for an occasional potty break. The best dog day cares in Arlington have ample space in and outside and allow most of their guests access to both throughout the day to keep boredom at bay.

Every Dog is Different

It's important that an Arlington, WA, dog day care has indoor and outdoor access because different dogs have different needs and preferences. Age, health concerns or even breed type might dictate that some dogs stay inside most of the time, according to Animal Planet, but some simply prefer staying indoors, even on nice days. Then there are the ones who would rather be outside winter, spring, summer, and fall. Plus, many dogs enjoy having the freedom to go outside to play when the mood strikes as well as the option to come indoors to take a break. Your best friend will appreciate a dog day care facility that gives him access to a large play area furnished with an assortment of dog-specific amenities such as tunnels to crawl through, platforms to climb or relax on, wading pools for cooling off in during hotter seasons, and ample shade along with cots and cushions to kick back on. Not to mention a selection of chewing, tugging, and fetching toys! Naturally, outdoor as well as indoor activities should be staff-supervised to ensure everyone behaves properly and has a good time.

The Weather Factor

The weather plays a big part in making indoor and outdoor access such an important feature at Arlington, WA, dog day cares. A lot of dogs like to spend at least part of the day outside in the fresh air but, if it gets too hot, too cold, or rain starts pouring, they need to be able to come in for shelter. The best dog day cares are heated and air conditioned to keep pooches comfy no matter what the weather is like, and they allow dogs to go in and out at will.

Quiet Time

Even the most rambunctious Rover needs to take breaks throughout the day, and a cozy indoor atmosphere is an ideal place for resting. Sure, some dogs choose the shade of a tree outdoors now and then for napping, but even those types appreciate a cot, chair, or bed with a snuggly blanket or pillow. According to dog trainer Nan Arthur, playing soothing music is another element that calms and relaxes canines when it's time to rest. Many will grab a favorite chew toy, retire to a comfortable spot, and let the gentle music lull them to sleep.

If you've been looking for an Arlington, WA, dog day care that offers both indoor and outdoor access, your search is over at Pampered Pets Resort. We understand the importance of giving our canine clients choices, as well as how essential it is to furnish supervised indoor and outdoor areas with amenities to keep them comfortable, entertained, and happy. Bring your furry friend for a tour today--call 360-653-6145 or just drop in!

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