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Arlington, WA Dog Daycares Help Ensure Dogs Get the Exercise They Need

Busy pooch parents are well aware of the problems that can result when they don't have adequate time to play with and exercise their dogs. Hyperactivity, excessive whining and barking, and destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging are just the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, dogs that don't get enough exercise can develop health issues similar to what sedentary humans experience including obesity, diabetes, heart problems and more. The solution may be simpler than you think. Arlington, WA dog daycares are equipped to give your pup the attention, exercise, and interaction dogs need to stay healthy and happy.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

How much exercise does a dog need? The answer is simple--and it's complicated. The issue is that there isn't one basic answer or an equation you can use to determine how much exercise your dog needs. The right amount depends on the individual dog's age, size, breed, and health, according to Pet MD. Working, hunting, and herding breeds, for example, tend to be in the medium to large-sized dogs, and they're also the ones who need a lot of exercise. Short-nosed and smaller breeds, on the other hand, don't typically require much demanding activity and will do well playing a few rounds of "fetch" or taking a stroll around the yard.

With all the designer and mixed breeds, the issue of exercise requirements gets a little muddier. Basic guidelines from various authorities are kind of broad, with recommendations ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours daily, so you will need to make a decision based on your own fur baby's circumstances. Also, Veterinary News points out that health concerns factor into how much exercise a dog should get, so consult your vet before committing your pooch to any type of exercise or specific daily duration.

Don't Forget the Mental Benefits

Exercise has a positive mental effect on dogs, just like it does on humans. Similar "happy" hormones are released in dogs and humans when the blood gets going which results in a relaxed, more positive mood. Web MD says that exercise also helps give timid dogs more confidence and all dogs will be more tranquil and calm at bedtime partially because of the expended energy but also because they're more relaxed in general. Additionally, exercise can stimulate your dog mentally, challenging her intellectually and keeping her brain sharp.

Good Exercises for Dogs

The nice thing about finding appropriate exercises for your dog is that she'll probably be happy to do just about anything she perceives as fun. Arlington, WA dog daycares have loads of great ways to exercise dogs including knotted ropes for spirited games of tug-o-war, balls and sticks for short burst exercise in games of fetch, and all your furry pal needs for a lively game of tag or some energetic wrestling is a dog friend or two. Additionally, some Arlington, WA dog daycare facilities have play equipment to stimulate dogs mentally while giving them a workout. There are tubes and tunnels for crawling through, hoop jumps, hurdles, and some even have see-saw equipment to mentally challenge your dog while teaching her balance and agility.

Whatever level of exercise your dog requires, she'll get it at the Pampered Pet Resort. Our professional, friendly staff knows all of the games dogs enjoy playing and, unlike some Arlington, WA, dog daycares, we make it a priority to interact with our guests throughout their stay to ensure that they get enough exercise without overdoing it. If your dog is more like a couch potato, bring her to Pampered Pet Resort for the fun and exercise she's been missing.

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