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Requirements for Your Dog to Attend Daycare in Marysville, WA

Dog daycare in Marysville, WA, offers your best friend a place to play along with all the attention he can handle during the long hours you're away at work. Although enrolling your dog in daycare might sound like just the solution you've been looking for, any quality daycare for dogs has conditions your pooch must meet before they'll let him come play for the day or visit for an extended stay.

Medical Musts A good dog daycare in Marysville, WA, will require that your dog is current on his shots. A veterinarian's printout showing the vaccinations your dog has had is the best way to provide proof that he's been immunized against DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), bordetella, and rabies. Since a dog can only contract rabies from a bite by another animal with rabies, some daycare facilities don't necessarily require that one, however, since most states require it, that's a vaccination that most dogs have anyway. Additionally, VetStreet reveals that most dog daycares expect their canine clients to be altered not only to nip amorous advances in the bud but also to reduce related behaviors that could result in fighting. Some daycares stipulate that only their male clients over a year old be neutered, as they've found that the desired outcome is the same.

Minimum Age Requirement Some doggie daycares don't want their clients to be too young, as they may not have staff that's experienced enough in dog training and dog behavior to handle the energy and antics of puppies. Select daycares do have the right staff, so the only age requirement they have in place is that puppies be old enough to have had their first round of shots for their protection as well as the protection and safety of their other clients.

Good Behavior Your furry friend doesn't necessarily have to show his diploma from puppy kindergarten or a canine good citizen class in order to attend dog daycare in Marysville, WA, but he does have to be reasonably well behaved and socialized. That means doggie daycare isn't the place to teach an aggressive dog how to behave around others. The Whole Dog Journal points out that dogs like that probably won't enjoy daycare anyway, and it could even make their undesirable behavior worse. However, the best daycares for dogs will reinforce good manners that you want them to have and should already be teaching them, such as discouraging them from jumping up on people, inhibiting incessant barking, and dissuading them from digging.

If you're unsure about whether your canine kid is behaved well enough to attend daycare, you can leave that decision to the experts. The best dog daycares offer a temperament evaluation free of charge to ensure your dog is a good candidate for a daycare program. The evaluation serves two purposes because, if your pooch is a good fit for doggie daycare, the process will also reveal to the staff what playgroups he would be a good match for.

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