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What to Look for in a Marysville, WA, Doggy Day Care

When your pooch could use some companionship and supervision during the day, it's time to look for the right doggy day care in Marysville, WA. You'll need to do some research. After all, you wouldn't entrust just anyone with the care and well-being of your best friend. The condition of the facility is important and so is an experienced staff, but those two issues are just the start of what to look for in a Marysville, WA, dog day care.

Roomy, Clean, and Safe

The best Marysville, WA dog day cares have plenty of room to romp and play. Exactly how much room depends on how many dogs the day care accommodates. Take a tour of the facility so you can see for yourself whether the play and rest areas seem crowded, and if there is enough shade for hot dogs to cool down in. Visiting the day care will also give you a chance to check out the cleanliness factor, and that includes everything from the water bowls to the play yards and napping nooks. VetStreet reminds pet parents to pay attention to the fences--they should be too tall for a Houdini hound to jump over and shouldn't have gaps or holes they can tunnel under or escape through.

Experience Counts

Sometimes professional trainers make the best dog sitters, but that's not necessarily a requirement if they love dogs and have other experience. The people in charge of your dog's day should enjoy interacting with dogs and know how to read canine body language. Staff at the best dog day cares in Marysville, WA, know each dog's name, and give their undivided attention to the pooches in their care, according to Embrace Pet Insurance. It's a given that the dogs will outnumber the staff, but there should be a reasonable staff-to-dog ratio. Web MD says that the Pet Care Services Association recommends an average of 1:15, depending on how active and diverse the dogs are.

Satisfied Clients

If you're looking for a Marysville, WA, dog day care, few things are better than the word of satisfied clients. Look into the day cares that friends and family mention they've had great experiences with. Additionally, when you find one you're interested in, ask them for a few references so you can find out from the people who use the facility and service what they like about the place. When you go for a tour, pay attention to the clients that come and go while you're there. Notice how they and their dogs interact with the staff, and if everyone seems happy. You can even approach people in the parking lot before you leave to ask a few questions and get a sense of how they really feel about the day care.

Ask the Right Questions

It's reasonable to ask important questions before you give over your precious pooch to anyone's care. When you ask about credentials, be sure the day care has the appropriate licenses and permits. The Seattle Times advises you to ask how long they've been in business, and how they handle emergencies including dog fights, health issues, and even things like fire or flood. Find out how they evaluate canine clients before putting them in play groups, and what a typical day at day care is like. Of course, you should feel free to ask any other questions you have on your mind as well.

When you already know what you want in a Marysville, WA, dog day care, it's a good bet you'll find it at Pampered Pets Resort. We have over 30 years experience in training and caring for dogs, and we love spending every day doing it. Our facility is spacious, clean, and designed with your dog's safety in mind. Come see what we have to offer. You'll find that pampering is truly our profession. Call 360-653-6145.

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