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Dog Day Care in Marysville WA: Why Your Dog Needs Day Care

Thanks to dog day care in Marysville, WA, your busy schedule doesn't have to negatively affect your best friend. Just like day care for kids, doggy day care provides a safe place to take your pooch during the long, lonely hours while you're away at work. Instead of isolation and boredom, your dog will have all the attention, interaction, and exercise he needs to keep him happy and healthy, and you can give up the guilt of leaving him home alone day after day.

Supervision and Interaction

One of the top advantages to dog day care in Marysville, WA, is that your dog won't be spending his days isolated and unsupervised. At day care, he'll have loads of opportunities for positive interaction with humans. Days are spent getting all the pets and belly rubs he wants and playing favorite games such as tug-o-war or fetch between rest periods and snack times. The trained and caring staff will supervise your dog's entire day to ensure that he's not getting into mischief and won't be lonely.

Making New Friends

While it's not the place to teach socialization to aggressive or timid dogs, doggy day care offers a terrific opportunity to reinforce socialization skills and expose your best friend to new and interesting dogs, which can help him become more comfortable meeting and interacting with others. Look for a dog day care in Marysville, WA, that evaluates their canine clients. The Modern Dog Trainer advises that this allows them to place the dogs in appropriate playgroups to ensure that everyone is properly matched and has a good time.

Ample Space for Exercise

People who live in apartments or who don't have large yards love that dog day care gives their pups a place to play. Dogs of all sizes need sufficient exercise to remain healthy, and it benefits their mental health as well as keeping them in shape physically. The best dog day care facilities have clean, spacious play yards filled with toys and play equipment for dogs to climb on, jump over, or tunnel through. The exercise and play stimulates dogs mentally and gives them an outlet for their natural energy.

Nips Boredom in the Bud

A bored dog isn't a bad dog, but he can develop irritating behaviors in the quest to keep himself entertained while you're away. A dog left on his own might start chewing on inappropriate items such as shoes, walls, or lawn furniture. Bored dogs tend to dig holes, and they have been known to bark incessantly. At day care, your dog's day will be filled with positive, dog-appropriate activities that will keep him too occupied to become bored or lonely.

Not Just for Working Pooch Parents

Not only pooches of working parents benefit from doggy day care. It's a terrific option for dogs from homes with no other pets and ones whose owners are called out of town for the day. Pet parents such as Natalie Lester of PetSafe find their dogs are healthier and friendlier when they regularly attend dog day care. They're as tired as you are at the end of the day, too, so you won't have to muster the energy to walk your dog after putting in 8 to 10 hours of work.

Whatever your reasons for needing dog day care in Marysville, WA, Pampered Pets Resort has everything you and your best friend are looking for. Whether it's a daily play date, occasional visits, or an extended stay, your dog will feel right at home at Pampered Pets Resort. Call 360-653-6145 to make a reservation or an appointment to tour the facility.

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