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When to Keep Your Doggy Home From Dog Daycare in Arlington, WA

Even those who love their jobs take a sick day when they're not feeling well. Nobody wants to be the one to bring illness to the workplace, and the same goes for dog daycare in Arlington, WA. Your dog may enjoy spending his days among canine and human friends, playing, lounging, and being social, but keeping him home when he's feeling under the weather will speed his recovery and prevent viruses and bugs from spreading to his buddies at daycare.

Watch for Signs

Dogs are pretty good at hiding illness. One day your pooch might seem a little lethargic and then be back up and running the next. That's why it's vital for pet parents to pay close attention to their dog's behavior overall. Knowing when your best friend is acting even a little "off" could allow you to catch an illness early so you can keep him from spreading it and have him treated ASAP. And, yes, lethargy is a symptom that you should pay attention to. According to WebMD, listless sluggishness is a symptom of some of the major infectious canine diseases including parvo, kennel cough, and distemper. If your dog has been vaccinated for those maladies, then you can rule them out when your pup is feeling punk, but that doesn't automatically mean it's safe to send him to play with his friends at dog daycare in Arlington, WA. Canine influenza could be another reason for your dog's lethargy, and it's one of the dog diseases that PetMD lists as most contagious.

The bottom line is that any abnormal symptoms your dog displays is justification for a sick day. If he just seems a little tired, a day off from rigorous play might be all he needs. If the exhaustion lasts for more than a day, continue to keep him home and make an appointment with the vet. Naturally, you should keep him home and immediately call the veterinarian clinic if he displays more troubling symptoms such as coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, or seizures.

When Dog Daycare in Arlington, WA Can Help

Dogs, like humans, can develop non-communicable diseases that pose no threat of infecting those around them. VetInfo says that, for canines, those include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Provided your pooch has been properly diagnosed and is being treated for non-infectious diseases, it's OK to send him to dog daycare in Arlington, WA. In fact, it will probably do him good. Research has shown a relationship between a positive attitude and health, specifically in dealing with illness. Sure, most studies focus on humans, but you have seen how your dog perks up when you give him a favorite treat or he sees you or a friend he enjoys, so it's logical that keeping his spirits up can help make him feel better in general. With an illness such as diabetes, arthritis, or another one that cannot be spread, it's fine to take your dog to daycare as long as he acts like he wants to go. Instruct the staff on play restrictions your vet has recommended as well as medications your dog might need during the day. Other than that, he'll enjoy getting out of the house and seeing his friends as usual.

Of course, when you're looking for a dog daycare in Arlington, WA that's right for your dog, you want one that places your best friend's health, comfort, and happiness at the top of the priority list. At Pampered Pets Resort, we're staffed with experienced care providers who know how to pamper your pooch. Drop by anytime to see for yourself, or call 360-653-6145 to reserve a spot in daycare.

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