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Arlington, WA Dog Day Care: The Cabin Fever Cure

The weather database website reveals that precipitation this past winter in Snohomish County was over 290 percent higher than normal. With so many bad weather days this season, it's no wonder that more than a few pooches and their parents are happy to see Spring finally arriving. According to Okaw Veterinary Clinic, dogs experience cabin fever just like humans do. No one--our four-footed and furry friends included--wants to venture outside in miserable weather, even for a quick potty break. However, spending so much time indoors, within the same four walls, gets old fast, and you may have noticed your pet acting out as a result.

Arlington, WA dog day care can be a helpful solution to the cabin fever quandary. It's a new and exciting place to give canines a change of scenery whatever the weather looks like. Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings, so if you've been thinking about dog day care for an occasional place to take your dog or even for a daily visit, now is the time to give it a try.

The Social Set Loves Arlington, WA Dog Day Care

Anyone who lives with a dog already knows Cesar Milan's Natural Dog Law Number 5: that dogs are pack animals who thrive in social circumstances. Sure, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some dogs are naturally loners, and some simply weren't socialized properly as puppies. Still, if your pooch is among the majority who enjoy the company of other dogs as well as meeting new humans and forming cross-species friendships, Arlington, WA dog day care is a perfect place to do it all. The best dog day cares in Arlington, WA have experienced, qualified staff who love taking care of canines. They're experts at matching them up with dogs of similar temperament to create fun playgroups. Plus, they have the indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate their clients during any weather, giving dogs ample opportunities to play as much as they want.

A Great Experience for Any Age

According to the Animal Humane Society, socialization should start in puppyhood. However, Paw Rescue points out that maintaining socialization over a dog's lifetime is very important. Arlington, WA dog day care is the logical place for that to happen. Usually, day care facilities have a core group of canines who come every day along with a fluctuating faction that comes occasionally. Spending time with a group they know well and occasional newcomers serves to reinforce socialization for dogs of all ages, both adult dogs who are used to meeting new faces and puppies who have been through Puppy Kindergarten and are just learning. Those are encounters that they're not likely to have at home, and ones they'll enjoy after a long, cold winter.

Arlington, WA dog day care is a valuable resource that benefits both humans and their dogs. Whether you're looking for a place your pooch can play for a day or two or need to find a daily solution when you can't be at home with him, Pampered Pets Resort is an ideal option to beat the cabin fever blues. We have plenty of room for dogs to play or lounge as the mood strikes, and they have access to indoor and outdoor areas all day long. Plus, our friendly dog-loving staff is always available to offer belly rubs, ear scratches, and even a few treats. Bring your best friend and drop in anytime for a tour, and you'll see why Pampered Pets Resort is the choice for dog day care in Arlington, WA.

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